Best Creative Ways To Display Art

Pop with Color

Contrast artwork with a bold color to highlight treasured objects. Here, saturated aubergine walls frame the contemporary look of abstract watercolor prints.

Emphasize a Mantel

Your fireplace is a natural focal point, so dress up the area with a large print or a series of framed artwork.

Odd Numbers

You can arrange an odd number of objects symmetrically, for an ordered approach, or go for a more creative, casual look with an asymmetrical arrangement.

Go Vertical

Play with the shape of the wall surface. On a narrow wall, for example, hang one tall art piece, or arrange a number of smaller items, like these vintage silhouettes, in a vertical pattern along a door frame.

A Stair-Step Gallery

Although this type of stair-step arrangement can be more difficult to measure and hang, it has a huge impact on a stairwell.

No Wasted Space

The key is to hang pieces in the correct size and scale for the available wall area. For a polished look, partner them with a chair, bench, or small table.

Strength of Symmetry

A symmetrical arrangement could be a mirror flanked by a pair of lamps, or a trio of prints over a centered bowl. Here, the symmetry of the framed art pieces is echoed by the chairs on either side of a table.