Best 7 Transitional Living Room Ideas for a Timeless Look

Choose Upholstery Wisely

Material choice makes a huge difference when you're combining eras. While a slipcovered sofa may scream modern to some, the worn navy linen makes it feel old-world.

Mix Modern with Vintage

Modern architecture is the perfect setting to display collections from any era. The clean lines and minimal decoration allow the things you love to truly shine.

Modern Transitional Living Room

Modern furnishings in a soft color palette complement the delicacy of classic architecture while providing a fresh point of view.

Choose Statement Art

The laid-back, neutral style of transitional rooms calls for a statement piece. In this case, modern art stands out amidst the mostly white surroundings.

Choose Timeless Finishes

This simple sitting room is practically minimalist, but thanks to careful furnishing choices, it still feels warm, sumptuous, and timeless.

Mix Texture and Materials

The subtle palette of transitional rooms allows you to play with texture. Here, boucle, woven, and velvet furniture blend seamlessly with a paper chandelier, a vintage wool rug, and a granite fireplace.

Midcentury Meets Transitional

Organic accessories add a cozy factor to this otherwise midcentury living room. Following the architecture of the home, the couch and chairs are modern.