Best 7 Outdoor Shower Ideas to Use In Your Yard

Outdoor Shower Privacy Wall

This outdoor shower idea feels like a nature sanctuary right in your backyard. The wood walls allow for privacy while keeping an earthy aesthetic. A few plants around the shower floor finish the serene look.

Outdoor Shower Enclosure 

With a rainfall showerhead, this outdoor shower makes it feel like you're bathing in a rainstorm. The stucco retaining wall enclosure and a wooden door give the space the feel of a private retreat. 

Indoor-Outdoor Shower Idea 

If you like the outdoor shower idea but want the feel of one indoors, try an indoor wet room with hinged shutters. This setup allows bathers to let in light each morning while still reaping the benefits of a modern shower.  

Nature-Inspired Shower Accessories 

If your plants are your passion, consider this outdoor shower idea. Mounted on a slatted wood wall, the shower is perfect for washing dirty hands, rinsing muddy garden clogs, or cooling off on a hot day.  

Mediterranean Outdoor Shower Design 

Outdoor showers don't get much dreamier than this Mediterranean-style escape. The open floor plan features multiple rooms that combine hand-painted tiles, brass shower fixtures, and a giant copper tub.  

Rustic Outdoor Shower

A wood pergola frames this beautiful outdoor shower. Intricate tiling behind the showerhead helps the fixture stand out as a focal point in the backyard. 

Garden Shower 

With some DIY handiwork, an old spigot can be converted into an outdoor shower. Nestled between two trellises covered with vining plants, this shower is as close as it gets to bathing in a garden.