Best 7  Back Porch Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Shaded Back Porch 

Make use of the roof overhang from your home to provide shade for the back porch. This design also includes fans installed in the ceiling to help circulate cool air.

Cozy Porch Swing 

A porch swing is a great budget-friendly seating solution for a small back porch. Suspended from the ceiling, the swing takes up less space than an outdoor loveseat or sofa, making the porch feel more open.  

Outdoor Furniture Arrangement

A long and narrow back porch provides more options for arranging furniture than you might think. This design places simple wood rocking chairs down the length of the porch.  

Screened-In Back Porch Ideas 

A screened-in back porch lets in fresh air, but keeps pesky bugs out. This small back porch has floor-to-ceiling screens that maximize natural light and the size of the space. 

Outdoor Rug Idea

A white back porch has the advantage of making the space seem more open and airier. But if you want to add color, you don’t necessarily need to repaint.  

Rustic Back Porch Design

This small porch idea uses distressed wood floors to create a rustic look. A small overhang from the house adds shade, while string lights make the space usable after dark.  

High Wood Ceiling 

Highlight natural elements of your back porch, like wood floors and ceilings, with a simple design. This basic back porch decorating idea places a long dining table down the center of the space.