10 Best Sofa Set for Living Room India

French Design 3 Seater Luxury Sofa

French elegance with a 3-seater luxury sofa, crafted for plush comfort and opulent style.

Traditional Rajwada Sofa Set

Handcrafted Rajwada sofa set, boasting intricate carvings and plush comfort, for an opulent living room fit for Maharajas

High End Luxury Sofa Set

Sink into the epitome of comfort and sophistication with a high-end luxury sofa set, handcrafted from premium materials.

Maharaja 3 Seater Luxury Sofa

The opulence of Indian royalty with the Maharaja 3-seater luxury sofa, a throne of plush comfort and regal design.

Classic Sofa Set Design

Embrace timeless elegance with a classic sofa set design, where enduring style meets lasting comfort.

Teak Wood Sofa Set with Antique Gold Paint

Radiate warmth and grandeur with a teak wood sofa set, finished in an antique gold paint that whispers of vintage elegance.

Hand-Carved Wooden Sofa for Home

Adorn your home with a timeless treasure: a hand-carved wooden sofa, whispering stories of artisan skill and offering enduring elegance.

Wooden Dazzling Sofa Set for Living Room

Elevate your living room with the warmth of wood and a touch of dazzle, choosing from modern, carved, or upholstered designs to match your unique style.

Royal White Finish Sofa Set with Golden Highlights

Indulge in luxury with a royal white finish sofa set accented with gleaming gold highlights, fit for a palace.

Fully Carved Couch Royal Sofa

Embrace regality with a fully carved royal sofa, where intricate details and plush comfort reign supreme.