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7 Sustainable Sofa Sets for the Design-Minded Dweller

Energy Efficient Design

Heating and lighting are the two major factors interior designers have influence over.

Health Eco-system Design

Now in pandemic times, people spend most of their time indoors. Several factors govern when it comes to designing healthy interiors

Recyled Plastic

Recycled plastic has a lot of opportunities when it comes to interior design. Rugs for Indoor and outdoor.

Natural Light Source - Sun

Like it a little dim or as a passive light source or fully bright, you can adjust your curtain according to your choice.

Waste Reduction Management

When it comes to waste reduction, interior designers have a lot of power in their hands and that is when they have to act responsibly for sustainability.

Durability and Felixibility in Design

The lifespan of any material should be considered when interior designers are planning, to avoid the materials.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Materials and products with the lowest environmental impact are the most important pick from a sustainability.