7 Stylish Solutions for Decorating Awkward Spaces

Bay Window Area

The angled area just inside bay windows is a prime location for placing a small piece of furniture, such as a desk.

Under a Staircase

Make the area feel inviting with a mod sign and matching bench. Just be sure to keep it clutter-free so the stairwell remains clear.

Upper Kitchen Shelves

If your kitchen counters are getting crowded, look to the space above or between cabinetry. High shelves can provide out-of-the-way storage for extra items.

Above a Laundry Machine

Hang open shelves above your washer and dryer units to add stylish storage to your laundry room. Use wire and wicker bins to organize cleaning supplies on shelves, and display motivational wall art.

Behind a Door

When your front door isn't open, the space behind it can look bare and awkward. Deck the wall behind a door with a short console table and a tall mirror to stylishly fill up the empty space.

A Small Corner

Decorating an awkward corner doesn't have to be difficult. Simply fill the space with a hanging display. Install sets of hooks on both adjoining walls and string up an assortment of hanging planters, lanterns, or baskets.

In a Nook

A tight nook is the perfect place to set up an office. Tuck a desk into the space, then add floral patterned wallpaper and vintage-style hanging storage for a personal touch.