7 Rooms that set the tone for interior design trends 2024

Earthy Kitchen with Statement Tile Backsplash

Rich wood cabinetry meets pops of terracotta tile for a grounded yet vibrant space.

Curvaceous Living Room with Sculptural Accents

Soft curves in furniture and decor create a harmonious flow, complemented by bold abstract sculptures.

Moody Home Office with Textured Walls

Deep indigo walls add drama, while a mix of woven textures – rattan rug, linen curtains – brings warmth.

Patterned Powder Room with Unexpected Touches

Bold botanical wallpaper makes a statement, while a vintage mirror and brass fixtures add unexpected glamour.

Terrazzo Bathroom with Playful Pops of Color

Black and white terrazzo floor becomes a canvas for pops of green in towels, plants, and a quirky accent chair.

Sunroom Oasis with Lush Greenery

Oversized windows let light bathe a jungle of indoor plants, creating a tranquil escape.

Cozy Bedroom with Layered Textures

A mix of plush throws, knitted pillows, and a nubby wool rug creates a tactile haven for ultimate relaxation.