7 inspired Decor to Give a Chic Touch to Your Home

Curated Bookshelf Gallery:  Don't just line up books! Stack them horizontally for visual interest, add decorative objects like sculptures or small framed photos, and display your favorite reads with the cover facing out. 

Statement Floor  A bold patterned rug or a luxurious shag can completely transform a room.  Consider the size and scale of the space when choosing a rug, and don't be afraid to use color or texture. 

Botanical Bliss  Houseplants instantly add life and a chic touch to any space.  Group plants together in different sizes and textures, or hang trailing vines for a whimsical feel.

Mirror on the Wall  Mirrors reflect light, making a space feel larger and brighter.  A strategically placed mirror can also draw the eye to a particular focal point in the room. 

Coffee Table Refresh  Ditch the clutter! Style your coffee table with a beautiful tray, a few coasters, a statement book, and perhaps a small vase with fresh flowers. 

Embrace Texture  Mixing textures adds depth and visual interest to a space.  Think chunky throws, woven baskets, velvet pillows, or a sheepskin rug.

Seasonal Swaps  Keep your decor fresh by swapping out elements with the seasons.  For summer, add pops of bright color and light fabrics.  In winter, cozy up with faux fur throws and warm metallic accents.