7 Furniture Ideas for Stunning Diwali Decor

Antique Brass or Copper Puja Mandir

Add a touch of tradition with a beautifully crafted puja mandir made of antique brass or copper.

Colorful Cushioned Floor Seating

Arrange vibrant and comfortable floor cushions around a low wooden or cane table.

Mirror-Work Coffee Table

Choose a coffee table with a mirror-work or glass mosaic surface. The reflective surface will catch and amplify.

Rajasthani-Style Jhoola

Install a traditional Rajasthani-style jhoola or swing in your living room. Adorn it with colorful cushions

Hand-carved Wooden Furniture

Invest in hand-carved wooden furniture, such as a console table or sideboard.

Golden Accent Furniture

Introduce golden accents with furniture pieces like side tables, ottomans, or decorative trays.

Sheesham Wood Dining Set

Arrange a stylish Sheesham wood dining set with intricate carving for your Diwali feasts.