7 Easy Breakfast Recipes Using Besan

Besan Cheela: This savory pancake is a classic. Made with a simple batter of besan, water, spices, and chopped vegetables (optional), cheelas are quick to whip up and delicious with chutney or yogurt.

Besan Dhokla: A fluffy steamed cake from Gujarat, besan dhokla is a healthy and flavorful option. The fermented batter is seasoned with ginger, chilies, and curry leaves, making for a light and satisfying breakfast.pen_spark

 Besan Paratha: For a more filling breakfast, try besan paratha. Similar to a regular paratha, this flatbread is made with a dough that combines whole wheat flour and besan. You can stuff it with spiced potatoes or simply enjoy it plain with chutney or pickle.

Instant Besan Dosa: Craving dosa but short on time? This quick version uses just besan, spices, and water to create a crispy dosa that pairs perfectly with sambar and chutney.

 Besan Masala Roti: Spice up your roti routine with besan masala roti. This flavorful flatbread incorporates besan into the dough, along with spices like cumin and coriander. Enjoy it with yogurt, pickle, or a simple vegetable filling.

Besan Toast: A unique twist on french toast, besan toast uses a besan batter instead of eggs. Dip bread slices in the batter, pan-fry, and enjoy with your favorite toppings like fruit, honey, or syrup.

 Besan Oats Cheela:  Looking for a more protein-packed option? Combine besan with rolled oats for a nutritious and hearty cheela. This variation adds a delightful textural contrast and keeps you feeling full for longer.