7 Best Floor Couches of 2024 for Your Living Room

Indra Tufted Futon

A stylish and versatile futon that can be converted from a sofa to a bed in seconds.

Modern Tufted Floor Sofa

A cozy and inviting floor sofa with plush cushions and a tufted upholstery.

Outfitters Mara Velvet Futon

A sleek and modern futon with a velvet upholstery and a minimalist design.

Folding Lounger Chair

A comfortable and foldable lounger chair that can be used as a floor sofa or a bed.

Kivik Modular Sofa

A modular sofa that can be customized to fit your space and needs.

Floor Sofa

A minimalist and low-profile floor sofa with a natural wood frame and a tatami mat cushion.

Editions Nube Soft Modular

A luxurious and modular sofa with soft cushions and a variety of configurations.