10 Amazing Paint Colors For Your Home Temple


1. Symbolizes purity and peace. 2.  Creates a clean and serene atmosphere. 3. Allows for easy integration with other colors or decorations.

Soft Blue 

1.  Represents spirituality and tranquility. 2. Evokes a calming effect, conducive to meditation.

Saffron or Orange

1. A traditional color associated with Hinduism and Buddhism. 2. Represents energy, purity, and spirituality.

Deep Red

1.  Symbolizes passion, devotion, and warmth. 2. Adds a rich and regal touch to the space.

Gold or Brass Accents

1.  Enhances the sense of divinity and sacredness. 2.  Adds a touch of opulence and sophistication.

Earth Tones

1.  Connects with nature and grounding energies. 2.  Creates a harmonious and balanced environment.

Light Yellow

1.  Radiates positivity and warmth. 2.  Creates a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere.