22 Jan 2024 Biggest Diwali - Why?

22nd January: A Day of Great Significance for India

A historic day for India as Ram Lalla will be enthroned in Ayodhya.

A time for cultural and spiritual celebration.

The Significance of the Enthronement

The enthronement marks the culmination of a long and emotional journey for Hindus.

Ram Lalla is a revered Hindu deity.

Safety First: PM Modi's Advice

He encourages people to celebrate from their homes. Let's all follow PM Modi's advice and enjoy this special day safely.

Due to security concerns, PM Modi has advised against visiting Ayodhya on January 22nd.

Celebrating Diwali in a Special Way

Light up your homes and hearts to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

This year, Diwali coincides with the enthronement of Ram Lalla.

A Day to Remember

Let's all come together and celebrate this historic day with love and unity.

The 22nd of January will be a day to remember for generations to come.