11 Popular Bathroom Paint Color 2024

Warm neutrals

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with colors like beige, greige, and terracotta.

Muted pastels

Add a touch of softness and serenity with pale pinks, greens, and blues.

Earthy greens

Bring the outdoors in with nature-inspired shades like olive, sage, and forest green.

Modern blues

Make a statement with bold and calming blues like navy, teal, and cobalt.

Light and airy whites

Keep things bright and spacious with classic white or off-white.

Black for drama

Embrace a luxurious and sophisticated look with black walls.

Peachy hues

Channel Pantone's Color of the Year with warm and welcoming peach tones.

Moody greens

Create a spa-like retreat with deep and relaxing greens.

Dusty blues

Add a touch of vintage charm with soft and subtle blue shades.

Warm reds

Inject some personality with cozy and inviting red tones.

Terracotta vibes

Bring the warmth of the earth into your bathroom with terracotta-inspired colors.