10 Trendy Apartment Decorating Ideas for Home 

Don't Overlook Your Books

A built-in bookcase, a comfy chair, and good lighting officially designate this whimsical corner as the perfect reading nook.

Mirror the Walls

Putting mirrors on all your walls to bounce light is one of the best apartment decorating ideas to make a room feel twice as big.

Lean Into Period Details

I adore using materials that add character and authenticity to my interiors, Silvestry says. "It's a sensory feast."

Commit to Tile

The window floods the space with light that reflects off the black tile.

Organize Your Frames

Mix frames of different colors and borders around your couch to encourage conversation and add personality.

Convert a Closet

Your guests will be impressed as you step back to reveal a well-stocked bar.

Upgrade the Lighting

He accomplished that by customizing the window treatments and installing a modern sconce.

Approach It Holistically

Many railroad apartments have a windowless room at the center that connects the front and back rooms and relies

Prep It for Entertaining

Being ready to entertain and prepping your space accordingly is an easy way to make your apartment feel all grown-up.

Keep Flowers Fresh

Nothing uplifts a room like a vase of fresh flowers! Even if you're the only person who will see them, keeping an arrangement