10 Mysterious Things To Know About Guruji Maharaj

His Origin:Guruji was born in his mortal avatar as Nirmal Singh Maharaj On 7th July 1954

 He is said to have miraculous powers. Devotees claim that Guruji has healed the sick, raised the dead, and even performed levitation.

He never speaks. Guruji communicates with his devotees through gestures and writing

 He is always available to his devotees. Guruji is said to never sleep and is always available to answer his devotees' questions and prayers.

He is said to be immortal. Guruji's appearance has not changed in the years since he first appeared in Bada Mandir.

He is always surrounded by an aura of mystery. Guruji is always dressed in white and never removes his veil

He is said to be able to read minds. Guruji is said to know the thoughts and feelings of his devotees, even if they do not express them aloud.

He is said to be able to control the weather. Guruji is said to be able to control the weather, and some devotees believe that he is responsible for good harvests and bountiful rains.

 He is said to be a manifestation of God. Guruji is revered by his devotees as a manifestation of God, and they believe that he can help them achieve salvation.

Guruji took mahasamadhi on 31st May 2007. He left no successor : for the "light divine" there is none. His emphasis was that the devotee always get connected "directly" with him , and more so, through the medium of prayers and meditation.