10 Classic Vintage Door Designs to Elevate Your Home's Character

 Arched Top Door: This classic door style features a gracefully curved top that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any entryway.

Panelled Door: Panelled doors are timeless and versatile, with a variety of panel configurations to suit different styles. They can be simple and understated or adorned with intricate carvings or moulding.

 French Doors: French doors are a beautiful and romantic option, especially when they open onto a balcony or patio. They provide ample natural light and create a sense of openness.

 Dutch Doors: Dutch doors are a charming and functional option, especially for entryways or mudrooms. They allow for ventilation and light while keeping pets or small children contained.

Stained Glass Doors: Stained glass doors add a touch of artistry and elegance to any home. They can be used as interior or exterior doors and can feature a variety of designs, from simple geometric patterns to intricate religious scenes.

 Beveled Glass Doors: Beveled glass doors add a touch of dimension and sophistication to any entryway. They allow for light to pass through while maintaining privacy and can be found in a variety of styles, from Victorian to Art Deco.

Antiqued Doors: Antiqued doors have a weathered and distressed look that adds character and charm to any home.

Double Front Doors: Double front doors make a grand statement and add a touch of formality to any home. They can be found in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern, and can be paired with sidelights or transoms for added drama

 Carriage Doors: Carriage doors are a classic choice for garages and exterior entryways. They are typically made of wood or metal and feature a distinctive horizontal design with sliding panels.

Sliding Barn Doors: Sliding barn doors are a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications. They offer a rustic and industrial appeal and can be used to save space and create a unique focal point.