10 Chic Plywood Door Ideas for 2024

Natural and elegant

Showcase the beauty of natural wood with a clear finish plywood door.

Geometric groove

Add visual interest with a geometric groove pattern on your plywood door.

Metal mesh accents

Incorporate modern metal mesh inserts for a touch of industrial chic.

Modern Minimalist

A clean and sleek design with flush panels and hidden hardware for a seamless look.

Herringbone Chic

Create a chevron pattern with plywood strips for a unique and stylish look.

Glass Accents

Incorporate glass panels for a touch of light and openness.

Textured plywood

Elevate your door with unique textured plywood options like bamboo or woven cane.

Two-toned twist

Combine light and dark wood tones for a modern and unique look.

Louvered slats

Add texture and privacy with louvered slats on your plywood door.

Painted perfection

Give your plywood door a pop of color with a sleek, painted finish.