10 Best Baby Oonjal Designs to Soothe and Comfort Your Little One

Traditional carved wooden cradle with canopy: This is a classic and timeless design that is both beautiful and functional.

Modern hanging cradle with mosquito net: This is a more modern take on the traditional cradle design, with a sleek and minimalist look.

 Rocking cradle with spring mechanism: This type of cradle is great for soothing babies to sleep, as the gentle rocking motion is very calming.

Portable cradle with folding frame: This is a great option for parents who travel frequently or who have limited space at home.

Swaddle swing with canopy: This type of swing is great for soothing babies and for helping them to develop their motor skills.

 Wooden baby swing with adjustable straps: This is a simple and affordable option that is still very effective at soothing babies.

 Hanging fabric swing with mesh seat: This type of swing is lightweight and portable, making it a great option for taking on the go.

Baby hammock with spreader bars: This type of hammock is very comfortable and relaxing for babies, and it can also help to develop their motor skills

Baby nest with soft padding: This type of nest is great for providing babies with a sense of security and comfort.

Baby sleeper with vibration feature: This type of sleeper is great for soothing babies and for helping them to fall asleep