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Tips on How to Keep Your Wooden Furniture Termite Free


Wooden Furniture is a must-have for every house in order to have a contemporary look. The cozy bed, the spacious wardrobe, comfortable sofa set, classic dining table, almost every aspect of your home space just speaks of its relevance. keep your furniture termite free.

Wooden Furniture sets are amazing to cherish for eternity. However, have you ever noticed wood dust or mud tubes accumulated under your sofa? Have you ever felt small holes appearing on the surface of your furniture set?

Keep Your Furniture Termite Free


Small Holes and Mud Tubes clearly is an indicator of termite (white ants) infestation. Termites are one of the deadliest pests harmful for your wood furniture. Once infested, even in one of the units, it quickly spreads to the other units and causes massive damage. Termites are really hard to notice unless you pay attention to small details. It also might be the case that by the time you notice its presence, the damage is already done.

That being said, there are a number of steps to be taken, in order to avoid or solve this termite issue.

Get Rid of Moisture

Tips on How to Keep Your Wooden Furniture Termite Free 1

Moisture is one of the main reasons that attracts all types of pests including termites. Getting rid of extra moisture in your home will help in keeping termites at bay. In summers, you can switch on the air conditioner periodically during the day to maintain a cool temperature in the house and remove excess moisture from the air indoors. Try to get hold of the fabric as it might get damp due to any liquid spills over it. Keep the fabric dry at all times. Refreshing your wooden furniture is easier than you might think. Here’s how to clean wood furniture. 

Preemptive Care

Prevention is better than cure. It is sometimes better to check the wooden units beforehand to see whether the wood itself is not a problem. Different types of wood have different resistivity to termite and other pests. Every-time you are online or at a store, just check the type of wood used. Chances are you will get the information even before deciding the furniture piece.
Even if the wood type is not termite resistant, it can be treated. This gives you additional safety from Termite Infestation.

The whole point is to prevent the possibility of bringing a furniture piece that is either already infested with termite or prone to termites.

These prevention measures are effective only with the new Furniture units. What about the furniture you have and its termite-infested? keep your furniture termite free with some useful steps. 
Read on…

Steps to Treat Termite Infested Wooden Furniture

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Tips on How to Keep Your Wooden Furniture Termite Free 2

Did you know that aloe Vera can be used to protect wooden furniture from termites? All you need to do is take an aloe Vera and crush it till the gel inside it is released. Now after taking out the gel, rub it all over the wood furniture. Reports have shown that Aloe Vera extract kills the infested termites. The Aloe Vera plant is easily available and this is a simple yet effective solution. You can even crush the plant and collect the extract in a sprayer. Just spray the content on the infested areas.


Put the furniture under sun Termites die in direct sunlight. Place your affected wooden furniture under the sun, and let the sun beam kill all the termites. This process works best on a summer day when the sun heat is at its maximum. This will also help you to beat the moisture within your wooden furniture so that the termites cannot thrive there any further. You can see your furniture termite free.

2. Orange Oil and Neem Oil

There are varieties of natural oils that can be used to termite-free infestation. But the best natural oils are neem and orange oil, which can easily eliminate these pests.

1. Orange oil contains a compound called D-limonene, which is very powerful and can effectively kill termites.
2. Neem Oil works just like orange oil. However, you need to re-apply it a number of times till the whole colony is destroyed.

3. Use borax

Borax is a common treatment for eliminating or killing termites. Either spray Borate solution on the affected wooden furniture or paint the infested area with the same solution. Spray it directly in the tunnels made by the termites. Painting the unit with Borax is more effective than the spray as the paint protects it from any future threats. Please note that always wear a mask before you work with Borax solutions as these are harmful for humans too and are dangerous if inhaled. Please do not use it if you are not aware of the implications. Avoid this method and seek professional help if you have never worked with boric acid/borax.

4. Vinegar

Tips on How to Keep Your Wooden Furniture Termite Free 3

Take one-fourth cup of white vinegar and a cup full of olive oil. Pour both the ingredients in a bottle and shake it well before applying. Polish your old furniture gently with this mixture using a soft cloth. This will kill the termites infested and creates a barrier.

5. Salt

Sprinkling salt might be the easiest solution to termite infestation in case of smaller patches or small units. Salt has cellulose which attracts termites. Salt is basically sodium chloride and kills termites.

6. Chemicals Dust

Arsenic Dust and Permethrin Dust are highly effective in termite control. These are used by professionals and provide immediate results.

These are some of the measures to be taken when you notice a termite infestation in wooden furniture. These are easy and should be applied as soon as possible. Preventive measures and control measures both are only effective if applied at the right time. Termite is dangerous for health too. So preventing it in homes will ensure the safety of your family.

So take these steps and Keep Your Furniture Termite Free. 

The cleaning process is equally difficult for your wood furniture.

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