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Temples to Buy On Diwali – Aarsun Woods

Temples to Buy On Diwali

Updated: 28/9/2019

Thinking to buy a Temple for your home on Diwali? Look no further…

Wooden temples really are an important part of Indian homes. There are a number of Temples out in the market and online. However, Wooden temples are the ones preferred by all. Wooden Temples are just like any other furniture that you buy for your home or office. The Temples comes in different designs, size and make. The Hardwood types widely used for making Wooden temples are Sheesham, Mango, and Teak Wood.
So, here we are, with a list of the top 10 Wooden Temples that you should consider while buying this Diwali:

Temples to Buy On Diwali

1. Aarsun Hand-carved Wooden Temple 0175


Hand-carved Wooden Temple in Rosewood UH-MNDR-175

The Temple Model no. 175 is one of the most commonly purchased by the masses. This Wooden Temple has a traditional design with floral carving and has a drawer and a slider tray that can be used for placing Diya and keeping Pooja essentials.

The Temple is made in Sheesham Wood which is considered auspicious and said to have religious aspects as per Hindu Mythology. The best part of this Temple and most of the traditional Temples of this is they are folding. Completely Fordable Units which can be flat packed and sent abroad or carried in your suitcase.

The unit can be floor standing or can be mounted on the wall. The unit is neither small nor too large. Though the same design comes in various sizes, Model no. 175 is the most preferred wooden over all other sizes.


2. Teak Wood Temple / Mandir 0120

Temples to Buy On Diwali - Aarsun Woods 1

Looking for a Temple with a larger size, Mandir 120 fits your requirement. The Temple does not have a traditional dome at the top and a beautiful arch in front.

However, it has floral bidding at the top with beautiful elephants carved out at the bottom of the Pillars in front. The drawer has a metal channel and a broad slider tray in front. The unit is available in natural shade and in walnut shade.

There are pillars at the front of the temple which are supported by Elephants at the base. At the lower level, there is a base area where there is 1 drawer place for puja essentials and 1 sliding tray for lightening up your Diya or incense sticks.


3. Handmade Wooden Temple with Doors


Door Wooden Temple Sheesham Wood MNDR-0106

If you want a temple to be kept in your bedroom due to space confines, Temple with Closed Doors are the ones to look for. The Temple Model No SHTMPL-0001 has two designer doors and At The Front, it consists of bells. There Are Wooden Pillars Carved

At The Front Of The Temple And The Side, the Area Is Covered By Wooden Jaali. At The Base Of The Temple, There Is 2 Wooden Drawer Placed Along With Sliding Tray.

Open Temples are not be used in Bedrooms or corners of your home used for resting. You may use open Temples with front curtains at all times. This sometimes is cumbersome to be maintained. Hence, Wooden temples with doors can be used. This temple is also available in shade options: Natural and Dark Walnut.



4. Wall-Mounted Temple WSHLF-04

Wall Mounted Temple Aarsun UH-WSHLF-04

Sometimes, the traditional designs are a lot to take in. Wall-mounted Temple 04 is one Wall Shelf Cum Temple that you can place at your home that practically blends in your modern home.

The Temple accommodates a single large Idol or a photo-frame on one step and a second step for pooja essentials such as hand-bell or Diya / Dhoop batti with a full-length drawer beneath the base for all your pooja essentials.

The Temple is lighter than other equivalent sized Sheesham Temples. The front top consists of Arch style Design with Bells and the sides have a partial jaali pattern. Wall Mounting provision has been made at the back of the Wooden Temple. Lighting provision can be provided on request.

5.Wooden Pooja Mandir NTMPL-0121

UH-NTMPL-0121-Elephant Carved Door Mandir


Need something similar to Temple No. NTMPL-0119 but with more carvings and Doors? Have a look at Temple Model no. 0121. The Temple has a beautiful mehraab area at the rooftop alongside carving. Below that there are doors at the front and the doors are beautifully Elephant carved by skilled artisans.

There are wooden pillars carved at the front of the temple and the side area is covered by wooden jaali. At the base of the temple, there is a wooden Drawer placed along with a sliding tray.

The floral carving span the whole Temple. Wooden Temple is dispatched in a Fixed manner and can be opened and placed as and when required.



6. Wooden Pooja Cabinet MNDR-0007


UH-MNDR-0007- designer wood mandir

Temple Model no. MNDR-0007 is a state of the art traditional Temple with floral carvings throughout the surface.

The Temple consists of 3 main portions:

The Top consists of a Single Large Dome with carvings on the top and in front. The center is the area where the idols are to be placed. The Back of the temple also consists of 2 shelves for idols/photo frames. The base consists of 3 pull out drawers with carvings on the front. The whole Temple is supported by 4 legs at the base.

7. Wooden Mandir / Temple in Sheesham (MNDR-0094)

Handcrafted Sheesham Mandir MNDR-0094


Want a Temple with a full Carving? Go for temple no.  MNDR-0094.The divine structure is made in 3 parts:

There is a wooden carved mehraab at the front of the wooden mandir with a beautiful peacock design. Below that there is the main deity’s place where you can place your idols and worship them. At the side of the wooden mandir, there is a wooden design carved and at the front also there are wooden railings carved.

At the wooden mandir bottom area, there is a wooden sliding drawer placed along with the sliding tray. The wooden mandir bottom area is beautifully carved by our skilled artisans as it gives a very elegant and traditional look to the wooden mandir.

8. Designer Wooden Pooja Mandir NHMNDR-1211



For a large home with a large enough hall, the designer Mandir no. NHMNDR-1211 should certainly be a decent choice. the Temple is large enough to have a number of idols and photo frames and has fantastic carvings done by hand.

The temple is mounted on round circular piers and there are two cabinets at the base area where you can place your puja essentials. Above that, there is a sliding tray for lightening up diya or incense sticks. there is the main place for the deity and carved pillars at the front.

At the main place of the temple, there is plywood work done at the base and wooden jaali work is done at the back of the temple. At the top of the roof, there are three domes placed in which the holy word “OM” is written with floral carving over there. The temple is beautifully carved by our skilled artisans and it gives a very traditional and sophisticated look to your home. We use the best quality of seasoned wood with a fine finish.

9. Wooden Prayer Unit for South India YT-42

South Indian Temple - Mantap for Home UH-YT-42
Aarsun Wooden Pooja alter made in premium quality teak wood42

Wooden Temple plays a significant role in instilling positivity in our home and the place kept. For a large home with a large enough hall, the designer Mandir no. TEAKTM-005 should certainly be a decent choice. the Temple is large enough to have a number of idols and photo frames and has fantastic carvings done by hand.

This temple takes more than a month to be made and it is certainly worth waiting that long. the Temple design is inspired by Southern temples.

The Temple has mesmerizing Floral carvings all over: on the Mehraab, on the Pillars, even at the drawers. The temple is made of Teak Wood with premium quality polishing all over. The size and the design can be altered as per the clients’ requirements.


10. Fully Carved Large Wooden Temple For Diwali

Wooden Temples play a vital role in instilling positive vibes at your place. This design is a work of experienced artisans from Aarsun Woods in premium finishing.


UH-MNDR-0010-large teak temple
Home Mandir made from premium quality teak wood by Aarsun

Material Details:

Sheesham Wood

Sheesham Wood (Indian Rosewood) is a famous wood used by the craftsmen for making furniture or any type of wooden furniture, especially for home or restaurant purpose.  It is the best tonewood that is used in India. Rosewood is the most famous for high oil content making it smooth and thus giving this quality to our Wooden Temples.

  • The Sheesham wooden temple has medium texture to coarse with a natural luster.
  • Rosewood is famous for making furniture because it does not worm/bend and split. It is highly permanent and is somehow free from dry-wood termite.
  • Sheesham wooden temple has a very indistinct color and gives very well finish after hand waxing.
  • Some of our Sheesham Wooden Temples have wrought ironwork which only is possible with Sheesham Wood as it goes with wrought iron very well.
  • Rosewood is also used in maritime and aircraft grade plywood.
  • Rosewood is perfect for making unique furniture for home and restaurant as it gives a very still finish to the product.
  • The product is made up of Rosewood temple gives a natural look and delicious touch to your home and office.

Teak Wood

Teak wood is also known as (sagwan saugan). Teak wood does not shrink or warp due to moisture conditions. Mostly high demand for furniture’s especially that are made of teak hardwood in interaction with its quality. Teak wood is mostly popular for outdoor furniture. But People like to buy a set of teak wood furniture. Teak wood only not famous for outdoor furniture is also famous for indoor furniture.

  • Excellent Durability: Teak wood is excellent durability can be counted as one of the most significant. It wood comes in a natural teak tree. Teak wood is hard and you can put heavy things top on it, teak wood is always just fine.
  • Very Strong: Teak wood is a hardwood obtained from broad-leaved deciduous trees, and it is exceptionally strong when compared to other wood types such as Sheesham and Mango Wood.
  • Moisture Resistance: Teak Wood has a good resistance to moisture and water. That why it is preferred to best wood. Because of this very quality, it is widely used to make Wood furniture.
  • It’s heavy: Teak wood is a very dense wood which can be considered a beneficial quality because a very basic rule in woodworking is that the heavier and denser a wood is, the stronger it will be.
  • Termite Resistance: Teak wood has a natural oil content that resists termites (white ants), fungal stains, and also resist other insects that can end. Teak wood is good compared to much other wood collection.
  • High Dimensional Stability: Properly teak wood does not warp or shrink as compared to other wood materials. It is a stable material and absorbs its dimensions. Well-dried wood is not easily affected by climate changes.
  • Easy Maintenance: Teak wood can easy to clean and maintenance.

Mango Wood

  • Mango Wood is abundantly available in India and is cheaper than Rosewood.
  • Mango Wood has a unique shade which makes it suitable for making vintage style furniture and other handicrafts.
  • Mango Wood can be treated wisely and can be used with wrought iron and any other material to make it durable and long-lasting.
  • Also, Mango Wood is lighter than other hardwood which is excellent quality for making easy to shift furniture such as our Room Dividers.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) :

  • Looking for a cheaper option for making furniture than Mango Wood and need better quality than ply-boards? MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) to the rescue!!
  • Cheaper, lighter, resistant to termites are some of the qualities that MDF possesses and is popular among designers and architects for modern-day homes.
  • Like Mango Wood, MDF can also be blended with other materials in order to further enhance the durability of the Partition Screen.
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