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Sheesham Wood V/S Mango Wood

Sheesham Wood vs Mango Wood

There are many factors to kept in mind while buying Wooden furniture like strength, cost, depth, and whatnot. Confused about what to consider? Sheesham or Mango? We’ll help you

Sheesham Wood vs Mango Wood

Wooden Furniture is the first choice of anyone trying to get new furniture to redecorate his / her home or workplace. Wooden Furniture lasts long and there is a unique sense of belongingness to Wood that keeps us intrigued.  While wooden furniture is good for homes and looks stylish and can also be customized as per your need, getting everything in good quality is a challenge to everyone.

We at Aarsun deal with these situations every day when our clients are confused about the two wood types that are mainly used in making Wooden Handicrafts and Furniture in Saharanpur: Sheesham and Mango. We thought it would be an addition to give a small comparison between the two so that it will be somewhat easier to decide which one to choose from.

Details: First, let us talk about each of them individually:


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Sheesham Wood, also known as Indian Rosewood is one of the most widely used hardwoods available in regions closest to river streams. Sheesham Wood is abundantly available in Haryana and nearby places.  Sheesham Wood is a deciduous tree and has a white to pale brown color sapwood and golden to dark brown heartwood. It is easily distinguishable in Furniture by its golden brown shade.

Advantages of Sheesham Wood:

  • Sheesham Wood is famous for its long-lasting durability.
  • Sheesham wood is pest resistant
  • It is Free from fungus
  • Sheesham Wood has a natural shine that adds elegance to the product.




Sheesham Wood V/S Mango Wood 1Mango Wood is very common in India and is believed to be originated in India. Mango Wood has a grainy structure and can be used without polish. However, polishing adds smoothness and shine to Mango Wood. 
Mango Wood is the softest hardwood among the group.

Advantages of Mango Wood:

  • Mango wood is Environment-friendly as it leaves a minimum residue
  • Mango wood long-lasting and hard-wearing
  • Mango wood is cut and shape easily as it is the softest hardwood in comparison to other hardwood
  • Mango Wood can be combined with other materials such as Wrought Iron to add to its strength
  • Mango Wood when hand-buffed gives a vintage look perfect for wooden replica making and antique furniture touch.


Sheesham or Mango Wood?

Sheesham wood is mostly produced in India and Pakistan. There are 2 types of Sheesham wood timber, heartwood, and sapwood. Sheesham heartwood is strong and durable but expensive. Unfortunately, most of Sheesham furniture sold in the market is made of Sheesham sapwood which is not durable at all. Always ask the seller about the quality of Sheesham wood. Sheesham wood is a hardy, strong and durable wood and its natural grain patterns make it beautiful.

Sheesham wood has a medium texture to coarse with a natural luster. Sheesham is known for the diversity of colors present in the wood, with a heartwood that is significantly darker than the sapwood.  Sheesham Wood has a natural resistance to moisture and will not warp or shrink due to moisture. Sheesham wood is famous for its long-lasting durability and is available in high quality. Sheesham wood is polished, which leaves behind a smooth surface that is attractive.

Mango woods is a tropical hardwood from an Evergreen tree, which is the largest producer in India, Bangladesh. Mango woods looks good in natural form and does not require much finishing. Mango wood is available for a long time. Mango trees are available in big and small sizes.

Mango wood is a unique grain and available in different colors and tones. Due to this mango wood look good in its natural form and does not require much finishing. Mango wood is also strong and durable and it lives a long time. Mango wood furniture is not heavy and it is a low-quality timber and mango wood furniture can be clean with warm water and a soft cloth. People who choose mango wood for furniture like greenish-brown color. They also admire the design work because mango wood is cut and shaped easily.


Benefits of Sheesham OVER Mango Wood:

  • Sheesham Wood has a natural resistance to moisture and will not warp or shrink due to moisture compared to mango wood.
  • Sheesham wood hardness is better than mango wood
  • Sheesham wood is long-lasting durability compared to mango wood
  • Sheesham wood carving quality is good compared to mango wood

Benefits of  Mango OVER  Sheesham Wood:

  • Mango wood is cut and shaped easily compared to Sheesham wood
  • Mango wood is eco-friendly as it leaves less residue when burnt compared to Sheesham Wood.
  • Mango wood is easily affordable compared to Sheesham wood.

Final Verdict:

As can be seen from above, each wood has its own quality and uses. If you require durable furniture, Sheesham is the best among the two. Also, when it comes to natural shine and luster, Sheesham wins again. However, when the furniture needs to be lighter that can be moved from one place to another, Mango Wood takes the lead. Mango Wood also has a natural darker shade that can be used for making vintage replica that looks absolutely fantastic. So, in the case of quality Sheesham is the best choice.

Sheesham is long-lasting while Mango Wood can be blended with other materials to make it durable. So the choice of wood really depends on your needs and the area where the furniture is to be placed. Both of them have their own merits and demerits and can be worked upon.

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