Wooden Spoon Set For Kitchen / Wooden Spatula, SPOON-001

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  • Product Code: UH-SPOON-001
  • Versatile cooking and serving spoon set, Made from high quality wood by Aarsun Woods
  • Ideal for daily use in the kitchen
  • Non-abrasive construction is ideal for use with non-stick ware
  • Colour: Brown, Material: Wood
  • Package Contents: 5-Pieces Kitchen Cooking and Serving Spoons
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Multipurpose Serving and Cooking Spoon Set

Your cooking and dining experience can be greatly enhanced by using the right set of spoon sets. Made from pure wood, the Aarsun Woods Handmade wooden spoon set is an ideal solution for cooking as well as serving your favourite dishes. Available in a set of 5 different spoons that can be used for serving various items such as rice, dal, sabzi and for cooking rotis, dosas, omelettes and more, this set is a great addition to your kitchen tool set.

Made from High Quality Material, Ideal for Daily Use

Constructed using high quality wood, the Aarsun Woods Handmade wooden serving and cooking spoon set is perfect for cooking use as unlike plastic, it does not leech harmful chemicals into your food. Also, its non-abrasive wooden construction makes it ideal for use with non-stick cooking utensils unlike metal-based spoons.

Elegant and Ergonomic Design, Easy to Maintain

Furthermore, the ergonomic design of these spoons makes them easy to use and handle for daily purposes. Featuring lengths between 10 and 15 inches, these spoons, and spatulas have the perfect size required for efficient cooking. Due to their sturdy construction, cleaning these spoons is a fairly easy task. Wash the set in boiled water before its first time use and use a simple liquid detergent solution to wash it after every subsequent use.

10 reviews for Wooden Spoon Set For Kitchen / Wooden Spatula, SPOON-001

  1. Sanchayan kol

    Awesome product.. I purchased 2 sets of spoon. Its finishing can be better
    But awesome in this price range.. Good packaging

  2. ashwini amitabh

    This set of serving and cooking spoons are completely worth the price, got it for around 200. Delivery took some time but overall nice experience

  3. niraj

    Product quality is very good. Will suggest to go for it without any fear…

  4. Rohan Pandhram

    Nice spoons, does the job quite well. Quality could have been better. Value for money.

  5. Yug Anant Shinde

    Good on time delivery and the product is also easy & good to use

  6. Gulam Mohamed

    Good quality product. Worth more than the price

  7. sangeeta

    Good quality! Very handy to use. Faced no problems with it.

  8. Ronak

    Free delivery /honest price

  9. Ruchika Sharama

    great product for the prize.Does the job well.value for money. give it a try.


    Gud 👍 quality I like it