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Wooden Spoon Set of 4 NCATZ-0015NN


  • Product Code: UH-NCATZ-0015NN
  • Wooden Spoon Set / Spatula Set
  • Material: Wood
  • Package Content: 4 Spoons
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen with premium quality finishing
  • Please wash it thoroughly in luke-worm water before using it
  • Handling Time: Approx. 5-10 business days
  • For Bulk pricing, contact us at +91-8192999135

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Aarsun Woods brings to you this beautiful wooden Spoon Set. This spoon set is made from high quality wood with double tone texture. It contains 4 Spoons set which can be used for different purposes. This perfect spoon set will give your kitchen more antique look. A small holes at the handle of the spoon for hanging them any where in your kitchen. Wooden spoon set comes in different style, size and designs. It is best use for kitchen purpose and serving food items.

Product Detail:

  • Flat Wooden Spatula (Palta): The flat spoon mostly used in making Omelette, mixing salads. It is specially used for non-sticks pans. Completely food-safe and strong enough for daily use, these spoons are wonderfully suited for your kitchen needs.
  • Serving Wooden Spoon: A heavy spoon stick with a graceful feel. It’s perfect for serving and working. This serving spoon is very Deep high capacity spoon set.
  • Mixing Wooden Spoon: Mixing wooden spoon is most common of all used for cooking food. It also used for soups preparation. Mixing spoon surface area is deep round shaped and you can also easily serve food.
  • Straining Wooden Spoon: Straining Spoon is used mostly to drain-off oils / liquids at the time quick / deep frying.


  • While cooking food, it doesn’t heat because wood do not transfer heat as much as metal spoon.
  • The handles are generally gently rounded and just feel good to hold. If a spoon feels cosy in your hand, you’ll enjoy using it.
  • Wooden spoons are especially used for non-stick surface.


  • Wooden Spoon can always be hand-washed with soap and warm water.
  • Wooden spoon can also absorb from strong flavors like garlic or oil, and could transfer the fragrance and flavors to other foods. Clean it lemon or with a paste made of baking soda and water can help to remove the smell.

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