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Wooden Hand Masher (Dal/Lassi Ghotni) MASH-001


  • Product Code: UH-MASH-001
  • Wooden Masher / Ghotni
  • Dimensions (L x W In Inches) :- 5 * 3
  • Built material: Sheesham wood
  • Handling time: 5-10 business days

100 in stock (can be backordered)


Aarsun Woods brings to you handcrafted Wooden Kitchen Masher popularly known as Ghotni in India. The unit is made in premium quality Sheesham wood with traditional finish. This Wooden Masher is perfect to use the paste of garlic, ginger and other spices. This Masher is beautifully designed with fine finish which is an attractive addition to your kitchen collection. The masher is smooth and shining quality and easy to clean and maintain.

Material Details:

The mostly famous for being used in making furniture. It is the most useful timber source in India.

  • The Sheesham wood is described as golden brown to deep brown in color, with darker streaks that give the wood an attractive appearance.
  •  The wood is hard with a uniform and medium coarse texture. It has a good natural resistance to decay and is considered to be a popular carving and engraving wood in India.
  • Sheesham lends itself perfectly to the cabinet making industry as it seasons well and does not warp or split. It is extremely durable and is one of the timbers least susceptible to dry-wood termites.
  • Each piece of Sheesham furniture will have a unique coloring, thanks to the well defined grain of the wood, which can be brought to a fine finish by hand waxing.
  • Sheesham furniture often features hand forged wrought iron work, known as Jali ironwork.
  • As well as high quality furniture, Sheesham is also used for marine and aircraft grade plywood, charcoal for heating and cooking, musical instruments, ornamental turnery, carving, engraving, tool handles and sporting goods.
  • Sheesham makes the perfect space for Antique Furniture.
  • The wood takes a good polish and finishes to a smooth luster.
  • The beautiful natural patterns make for an enchanting finish to enjoy in your home

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