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Product Showcase – Wooden Swing in Swan Design

Product Showcase – Wooden Swing in Swan Design

Today again Aarsun Woods brought for you an Indoor Swing / Jhoola in teak wood. Which has a natural teak finish with a big seat in the middle, the craftsman has done very fine craft work. This is a natural teak shape that you have seen in furniture and with this shade, you can relate it directly to the wood.

Though we have all the options available for the colors this is so far the best shade for any wood unit and the work on this. Let me show the work upon it. Have a look over here, the designs of the swan fine carving and heavy look, will change the entire look of the living room. The best fine carving you can get anywhere is from Aarsun.

Looking at this unit you will have some questions, like:

  • How do we do it?
  • How we make such units?

This is a work of years of experience by fine artisans and the quality that we produce at Aarsun . We can change the wood to a beautiful structure like this. This is an actual wood nothing else no ply, MDF for anything else is mixed in this. you can see that every piece and everywhere is mixed with pure wood. And the fine wood that we used you can see the strength as well as the design.

At the above, you can see a brass chain that is very heavy. Here we have an option for a brass chain. We can provide you a one with the animals lightweight or with heavyweight this can be of your choice the cost fluctuates according to this. It will have a little bit comfortable height once you will sit on this definitely you will feel the difference.

Living rooms mostly have a sofa set or a couch, settee, so this is an option you can use along with a couch. if you have a big living room instead of a couch you can keep something like this. Wooden Swing is an entirely different concept from a regular sofa set or a couch. Placing a unit like this will change the entire look of your living room (Have a look).

I am sure you will appreciate the hard work we do in every unit to produce a masterpiece every time. We will bring more videos like this where you can see our art, efforts, techniques of handcrafting and artisans work so hard upon this. If you like our video so give a review in the comment box below.

You can check the same on our Indoor Swing, the videos are available on our YouTube Channel.

Thank You.


A Brief about Aarsun Woods:

Aarsun Woods is established to promote Wood Handicrafts and Furniture made in India on a Global Scale. The skill and expertise of our artisans are recognized globally. We have our Facility in Saharanpur and we majorly use Sheesham, Teak and Mango wood, widely famous for their texture and finish. The wood is a great material to work upon and it lasts a lifetime. You can readily customized the design and even polish the furniture again and again as per your home theme. Customization provides you with an opportunity of styling your space as you desire. It can be a traditional space, or modern, or a combination of both.

We excel in customization and can make furniture as per your home interior.

We deliver across the world, major countries being:

India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, New Zealand, South Africa , Spain , Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, Bahrain, Singapore,Malaysia, Mauritius

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