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Product Showcase – Gold Painted Wooden Bed Cot

Gold Painted Wooden Bed Cot Design

Ashish Mittal from Aarsun woods. Today we have another beautiful wooden bed cot design for you. Again in antique gold. This is the most like the color we have. lots of sets we are making in this color so that’s why we keep on showing you every other set in antique gold. This color looks really royal and imperil sets, it gives a different look altogether.

Talking about This set this is a standard king size bed with a length 6 feet from left to right and this area 6′ 30″ feet so the mattress size is 72 x 78 inches. The beautiful design of the maharajah lifestyle on the top part and in three-piece quilting and the two separate ails in the middle part. Let’s have, the look on the designs first very nice indicated carved design. by our master artisans and then the antique gold paint that gives attract royal look that you always required at your home. Here is the leg part again with the little quilting on the front with a very nice design both the sides this dupattas design both, the lases point towards the bottom and the top part of the carving and give sets the real premium look you desire.

This one comes with the two sides tables with standard size side tables and this is with storage as I mentioned. If you don’t require storage we can provide you in fitting also, If you are using thick mattress like 8 inches 10 inches or more then 12 inches in that case storages doesn’t make any sense the space left is very less so we can go for fitting also and similarly if you want a change in color or the back cushion colors a fabric colors that can be done as per your requirement also.

This is the quality we are producing for so many years for almost 35 years. now and our artisans the handcrafting work they do. In every set, I have shown you its look amazingly different and the design carved on each unit gives it the different look. So mostly our units are not visible everywhere, what happens is when you go somewhere exactly similar things just like if we are wearing the same dress it looks ridiculous similarly. When you have the same units the same designs everywhere in every house it gives similar looks, but when you have a different house is different your themes are different you should have something different like this. Changing the color changing the fabric gives a different look altogether.

A very nice unit we have been exporting to different countries of the world to USA, Australia, Newzealand, Belgium, Neither lands, in the UK middle east, Oman, all these countries also Dubai, and also we are covering across India. We Deliver to your doorstep within India and out of India depends on the ports and the requirement and the size of the shipments. another (Nothing) important thing most of the clients have a question why I don’t tell the price of the unit in my video. Here is a little catch when we make a unit it’s 90% customized to the client’s requirements. Let’s talk about if talking about the fabric part only fabric comes from the range of 70 rs to 7000 rs per meter.

Now if you select something very costly obviously the price tends to go a little higher, and similarly, the paints color and the other requirement like the fitting storage required or not, side tables required or not. All these things put together to conclude a cost and another, thing that it’s also important is the delivery location. few locations are out scads so we have to pay extra to get the delivery done. In that case, obviously, we have to charge the cost of the client. We are just a phone call or a msg away simply if you can text us we will give you a cost. It’s not very hard to find the cost.

Obviously, we provide you all the option for the customization so giving a cost that may or may not match your budget it’s better you contact us and we get some time as per your requirement, As per your liking within your budget is always a better option and also according to your home requirement. We can suggest a few things much better to suit your requirements. so that is only the reason I don’t provide you a cost at the beginning itself in the video itself.

I hope you can understand my points, we are just a phone call away give us a phone call or just leave a text on this video or our phone numbers. We will get back to you in time I think that is fair enough. I hope you like the art we have made I am so you like this. I hope for a few comments on how to proceed further if you have. So next time we can proceed further. For more information, you can subscribe to our channel.

You can check the same on our Indoor Swing, the videos are available on our YouTube Channel.

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