Service Trolleys

Wooden Service Trolleys / Kitchen Trolley in traditional designs made from premium quality wood and antique style finishing. The units are dispatched in knock down manner and can be assembled within minutes. Moreover, all our Kitchen trolleys can be customized as per your size and design requirements. A wide range of designs available in different wood types.

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  • UH-SVS-0023-Wooden-Service-Trolley

    Handmade Wooden Service Trolley/ Kitchen Trolley SVS-0023

    Rated 4.60 out of 5
    Sale! 9,999.00 8,499.00
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  • UH-SVS-0019-Aarsun-Service-Trolley

    Hand-carved Wooden Service Trolley SVS- 0019

    Sale! 14,500.00 8,599.00
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  • UH-SVS-23A Aarsun Wooden Service Trolley

    Hand-carved Wooden Service Trolley for Kitchen SVS-23A

    Sale! 9,500.00 8,999.00
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  • UH-SVS-0025 Aarsun Service Trolley

    Handcrafted Wooden Service Trolley SVS-0025

    Sale! 11,000.00 9,899.00
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  • UH-SVS-0026 Aarsun Service Trolley

    Hand-carved Wooden Service Trolley/ Kitchen Trolley SVS-0026

    Sale! 11,000.00 9,999.00
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  • UH-SVS-287-Aarsun-Service-Trolley

    Hand-carved Wooden Service Trolley SVS-287

    Sale! 13,999.00 11,999.00
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  • UH-SVS-0028 Service Trolley by Aarsun

    Wooden Service Trolley/ Kitchen Trolley in Sheesham Wood SVS- 0028

    Sale! 12,999.00 9,100.00
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  • UH-SVS-0031-Aarsun-Service-Trolley

    Wooden Service Trolley/ Kitchen Trolley in Sheesham Wood SVS 0031

    Sale! 16,999.00 11,999.00
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  • UH-SVS-0032 Service Trolley by Aarsun

    Handcrafted Wooden Service Trolley in Sheesham Wood SVS-0032

    Sale! 17,999.00 13,999.00
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  • UH-SVS-0001 Service Trolley by Aarsun

    Hand-carved Wooden Kitchen Service Trolley SVS-0001

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  • UH-SVS-0037-Wooden-Service-Trolley by Aarsun

    Wooden Service Trolley / Kitchen Trolley SVS-0037

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Showing all 11 results