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Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme

premium furniture

Let us face it. Finding perfect furniture that fits your home theme is sometimes a head-ache, even for one of the most renowned architects and designers. And it is all the more difficult for the enthusiasts with a vintage theme in mind.

Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme

Aarsun Woods have been prompt in resolving such issues for the end-customers without indulging professional help as that might not be the best way to decide what one needs for a home. We excel in customization and offer point to point changes in size, material, shade and even in designs that one wants to have at home.

When it comes to selecting Furniture for Vintage theme, wooden units are one of the most sought after furniture pieces in the market. Most of the time a person is awestruck with a design but is unable to have them at home, sometimes due to its sheer size or due to its shade that does not go with the home theme. The vintage furniture always comes in a standard size and design that are seldom changed.

Well, we at Aarsun Woods, are here to break that rule. We at Aarsun Woods believe that each piece of furniture at home should match the buyer’s needs. Each unit is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans of Saharanpur and is a clear depiction of Mughal Architecture. The units are made in premium quality solid wood such as Sheesham and Teak with a wide range of color shades depending upon the home decor.

Let us have a look at some of the most popular designs in handcrafted premium furniture that can be customized exactly as per your home.

Royal Furniture:

Bedroom Furniture Set:

Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme 1

Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme 2


This royal white finish with a multi-color tipping design bedroom set is a treat to have at home.

The design is typical European with the heavy carving on the surfaces. The king-size bed has a heavily hand-carved headboard, similar floral carvings on the front board and the sides. The bedside tables have similar floral carvings and royal white finish with gold highlights that gives your bedroom an Emperor Look. Overall a stylish and durable selection of wooden bedroom set.

Want More??

Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme 3Customization is one thing that can give way to the most complicated design worth going for. People looking for Ultimate Royal Feel in their bedrooms should try this setting. To your Left, Aarsun Woods brings a whole new Italian style royal Bedroom Set: Bed with heavily padded handcrafted headboard and similar front, a settee in front with proper cushioning, 2 side-tables with pull out drawers and dressing table (sideboard) with royal Mirror Frame. The theme is best suited with neutral colors, ample spacing, and great lighting.

Some More designs to consider when looking for that envious royal look :



Wooden Sofa Sets / Living Room Sets

Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme 4

Who doesn’t want to impress their colleagues, neighbors, and family with a beautiful lively Living Room? The answer is none. Grab this sofa set if you need something out of the Mughal era that converts your home into a stylish suite. The 3 seater sofa along-with a single-seater sofa chair complements the vintage theme but in style. The detail carvings, the curves, the gold finish, and elegance. Amazing Sofa Set for amazing people. And of course, this is a customizable unit.

Traditional Sofa Set :

Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme 5

Authentic Mughal Architecture with fine floral carvings and style that beats all. The Fully carved tops with traditional fabric at the sofa set and an elegantly carved coffee table. The coffee color polish and the ethnic look makes it a bargain. And then this can be customized to your liking. Want a 2 seater too? Want a diwan of the same design? We can get you as per your needs. The carving, the polish and the size can be changed to your taste. Delivered right at your doorstep.

Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme 6

Contemporary Handcrafted Sofa Set:

The design is influenced by European style with glossy polish. The dual shade, the upholstery, and the carving together make it an enticing set. The center table/coffee table looks elegant and blends in the scene. Overall a decent set to have in your living room. The set looks equally good in dark shades. The Royal Gold polish also adds to its richness. The set includes 3 seater Sofa + 2 Seater Sofa+ Single Seater Sofa + Coffee Table.

Some more exciting designs that may puzzle you a bit ;-)

UH-ROYAL-005 Aarsun Royal Sofa Set


Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme 7

Handcrafted Dining Sets:

Home is never complete without a Family Dining area, however small or big it is. Dining Table is where everyone can come together with loved ones. After all, it is the family who makes your home a “Happy Home”. Dining set comes in all sizes and can be customized exactly as per your need. We have a whole range of premium designs available in dining sets made from premium quality solid woods.


8 seater Dining Set – Aarsun Woods

UH-DNG-0034 Wooden Dining Set

Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme 8With Rich Gold finish, fine carved table and chairs, this handmade Wooden Dining Set is a visual treat. The cushioning is on the chair gives you a relaxing effect. The units are evenly polished and smooth to touch. The natural grainy wooden texture gets completely revamped with the Gold Polish at the surface.  A total of 8 family members can sit comfortably and have dinner together. Perfect for a festive gathering.

Gold Finish 6 Seater  Traditional Dining Set



This particular 6 seater Dining Set is made from premium quality teak wood with coffee color finish. The Tabletop has fine engravings done by skilled artisans. The same goes for the chairs. The chairs have fine cream color upholstery with arm-rest provided at the corner chairs. The design at the tabletop can be omitted or the whole tabletop can be replaced by a glass top as needed.

We do not usually provide glass top due to the damages in transit. but the wooden tabletop looks more traditional and captivating. the look and finish blends in with almost any kind of theme but we prefer Vintage theme over other modern themes for home.

Gold Finish 4 seater Dining Set

Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme 9

This Dining set is perfect for folks wanting simpler planar tops and backs with a touch of artistic designs at the sides and on armchairs. The Dining Table has a thick oval top

with floral carvings at the sides and at the supporting legs. The chairs have sky blue floral upholstery comfortable for a single person. This dining set can go with the present-day sitting arrangements like having a dining area close to an open kitchen.

Some more designs that can change your home into a royal one…

Premium Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme 10




Now, there are a number of other ways you can go all vintage at home, but the furniture above will surely ease your pain of getting everything right. We have been in the Handmade premium Furniture domain for quite some time now and believe in giving the units that are unique to a customer’s requirement.

Custom Made Furniture always has its own perks and everyone gets what they want. It takes time to get these things done as these are handmade by artisans carefully keeping in mind the details as discussed. But the final product made is exactly as per your home theme and looks awesome in your home. So, just call ( or chat or mail :-)) and discuss your requirements with our representatives to get what you need at your home.

Still confused? Feel free to contact us…

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