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Perks of having Traditional Furniture at Home

Perks of having Traditional Furniture at Home 1

Traditional always looks classy when it comes to choosing furniture for the home. Let’s have a look at the benefits of having everything traditional furniture at home.

Traditional Furniture at Home

Selecting Furniture for Indian Homes has been a challenge these days, especially when there are a lot of options in designing and materials available for making furniture. People sometimes take anything for granted now. Gone are the days when the options were limited and we had to settle for only a few products and designs available at offline stores. In the age of globalization, we have a number of options and can get almost anything anywhere. However, when it comes to choosing a theme for our homes, we are puzzled. What to choose – Traditional Style or Modern Style.

Every person these days look for something special and unique that just goes with most of the interior architecture. Sometimes it is hard to find something accurate. Modern Furniture no wonder has given us a lot of options in terms of Styling and Shades, however, Traditional is the one style that almost everyone can have without compromising with the quality and also can be customized as per need.  Traditional designs never go out of style.  An old era had artisans that were profusely crafted in the art of making any log of wood into a masterpiece.

Perks of having Traditional Furniture at Home 2

While selecting furniture, one always looks for quality. Modern style furniture does provide range but not quality. Moreover, if someone needs floral or some design over the units, few options are only available. But when it comes to traditional furniture, not only the quality issue is resolved; design options are immense, be it abstract carving or traditional floral carving. One can get almost any design crafted onto the wood units. Modern homes can be boring after some time, while these traditional units bring a blissful feel to your home. Also, it brings us closer to our heritage.

So, you need not be afraid of compromising with something simple and boring. When it comes to decorating our homes, we all have different liking. Decorating home is an art we all love. Just like art, some like to have modern designs while some want to have traditional décor. Some people want minimum furniture whereas some prefer a lot of variety.


In terms of QUALITY:

Available in premium quality wood such as teak, Sheesham & Mango Wood, Traditional furniture looks good with detailed engravings and artistic designs. There are a number of items that we can add: room divider, wooden boxes, jharokha frame, traditional wall shelves, wall hangings, simple wooden jaali style designs, and much more.  Not only these smaller products enhance the look and feel but are affordable. Traditional furniture such as handmade Sofa sets, dining, beds, doors and more have a unique touch of style and aura that attracts everyone.  In short, shelling out a few extra bucks will give you years of satisfaction.

In terms of CARVING

The traditional furniture can be full carved or brass inlaid while it can be a blend of both. There are many options present with traditional collection to give your imagination a beautiful lifestyle. Modern Designs lacks details while traditional furniture has detailed engraving with flora and fauna etched out on the surface that looks elegant and antique. Designs like, flowers and stems, peacocks, swans, and elephants are common in traditional furniture which dates back to the Mughal era.Perks of having Traditional Furniture at Home 3

In terms of Durability

In terms of durability, traditional furniture is long-lasting because of high-quality hardwood used.  Solid wood such as Sheesham, teak, oak, and more is used that is well known for its dense structure which automatically enhances the life and strength of the units in comparison to the units made in ply or MDF wood. In modern furniture, full wood is seldom used while in traditional handicrafts and furniture, full Sheesham wood and teak wood are widely preferred.

The craftsmanship involved in this traditional furniture beautifies the décor all the corners of your home with royal & luxurious traditional layout. When it comes to interior design and traditional furniture trends, we are often choosy what is trendy and what we like. But traditional furniture is for years to come. It does not get withered with time.

Traditional Furniture has a unique aura that grows on you over time. Also, you don’t need to actually replace the units. Bored of a single color? Change it!! Change from traditional brown to White or full black!! Whatever you require.

Aarsun Woods provides custom made furniture according to your home. In fact, we excel in customization. Send us your home images or the place you want to keep a unit. We will provide the traditional furniture that best suits the place. The units can be delivered right at your doorstep. Have your own design in mind? Fantastic!! Send us the images and the size you require and we will make it for you.


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