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How to assemble the Wooden Temple

How to assemble the Wooden Temple 1

Wooden temples really are an important part of Indian homes. There are a number of Temples out in the market and online. However, Wooden temples are the ones preferred by all. Wooden Temples are just like any other furniture that you buy for your home or office. The Temples comes in different designs, size and make. The Hardwood types widely used for making Wooden temples are Sheesham, Mango and Teak Wood.

How to assemble the Wooden Temple



Wooden Temples are the most sought after because of their beautiful carving and customization potential. There are a number of designs available. If you want something stylish and grand, you can have it. If you need something sober and plain, you can have it. Even if you need a blend of two, you can get it made at one corner of India, and get it delivered anywhere in the world.

Wooden Temple mostly consists of three parts: Top, Center, and Base. The top portion consists of the Dome with fully carving.  The Center, also known as Garbgriha, consists of 2 pillars attached to the back and two pillars in front of the temple. The base of the Wooden Temple / Mandir consists of a single Drawer with knob and Beautiful Carving.

Instruction for Aarsun Wooden Folding Temple assembly:

The unit consists of six main parts that can be assembled within a minutes.

  1. Ceiling
  2. Inner House
  3. Dome
  4. Pillars
  5. Bails
  6. Base

Please refer to the image for the parts.How to assemble the Wooden Temple 2

  1. Attach / Place the inner house (2.) on the base (6.) on the markings shown at the base.
  2. The pillars(4.) and the bails. (5.) sometimes comes pre-attached. You need to unscrew the bails from the pillars
  3. Place the pillars (4.) on the corners of the base (6.) and screw them firmly.
  4. Place the ceiling (1.)  onto the 4 pillars (4.) and screw the bails (5.) aligning the ceiling and the pillars such that the bails (5.) go inside the pillars (4.) through the holes in the ceiling. This way the whole structure is connected firmly.
  5. Lastly, place the dome (3.) at the top. The temple is assembled.


The Wooden Temple is dispatched in the dis-assembled state (knock-down-manner) and can be assembled in minutes without any assistance from any carpenters. For instructions video, click on the link for our You Tube Channel . 


Material Details:

  • Sheesham Wood is the most famous wood used by the artisans for making furniture or any type of wooden item, especially for home or office purpose. It is the best timber wood that is used in India.
  • Rosewood is come into different shades like from golden brown to deep brown in color and have dark streaks which give them a very attractive look and appearance.
  • The wood is hard and has medium coarse texture making it is the best wood for carving and engraving purpose.
  • Rosewood is famous in India for making furniture because it does not twist/bend and split. It is highly durable and is somehow free from dry-wood termite.
  • Rosewood is of very unique color and gives very fine finish after hand waxing.
  • Some of our Rosewood furniture has wrought ironwork which has some iron jaali work and it gives a very elegant look to our Sheesham wood unit.
  • Indian Rosewood is also used in marine and aircraft grade plywood.
  •  Indian Rosewood is perfect for making antique furniture for homes and for offices as it gives a very smooth finish to the product.
  •  The product is made up of Rosewood gives a natural look and delightful touch to your home and office.

Buy Aarsun Woods Folding Wooden Temple available in different woods and sizes:

  1. Wooden Temple / Mandir by Aarsun Woods
  2. Home temple / Designer Mandir by Aarsun Woods
  3. Wood Temple / Home Mandir by Aarsun Woods
  4. Folding Wooden Temple By Aarsun Woods
  5. Sheesham Wooden Temple by Aarsun Woods
  6. Folding Wooden Mandir by Aarsun Woods
  7. Rosewood Folding Temple by Aarsun Woods

Wikimedia- How are They Made

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