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Festive Season Sale: Home Furniture

Festive Season Sale: Home Furniture 1

Everybody Loves the Festive Season. The excitement begins way before the actual date.

Updated on: 29/9/2019

Diwali is on 27th October this year. And the preparations have already begun. This Diwali, Aarsun Woods brings a whole new range of Designer Home Temples, Partitions, Pooja Chowki and all sorts of furniture that completes your home makeover. This festive season sale, get handmade furniture, handcrafted wooden gift items and all Pooja Essentials delivered to your doorstep and that too customized exactly as per your need.

Festive Season Sale!!!

Designer Home Temples

Home Temples brings positivity to the home. Almost every home needs one. Have a look at our home temples that can be made as per your needs.

Product Code: UH-NTMPL-0119

Sheesham Wood

Available in Natural & Dark Walnut Traditional Finish.

Size: 24 x 12 x 36 (front length / end to end x Depth / front to back x Height) in inches approx.

Large enough to have all your pooja essentials at one place.


Product Code: UH-MNDR-9036

Handcrafted from Seasoned Sheesham Wood

Product Size: 42 x 18 x 72 inc approximately

Fit for your home and office

Want to know where to place this Wooden Temple at home click here




Product Code: UH-TEAKTM-003

The unit is consist of 2 pull out drawer

to keep Pooja essentials

Product Size : 36(Length) X 18(Width) X 48(Height) in Inches




Product Code: UH-MNDRT-0001

Made from  Teak Wood (Sagwan or Sagaun)

Can be customized as per required size

Size: 48″X27″X65″ (L XBX H)in inches approx.

2 Pull Out Drawers Read more on Where to Place Home Temples here...


Partition Screens and Room Divider Panels

In the present homes, space is always a constraint. Room Dividers are foldable and can be an easy replacement for traditional brick walls. Broad Panels can be placed alongside Temples to separate the divine space from the rest of your home. The panels can be used as a privacy screen or a headboard in the bedroom (Find more at “Ways to Use Room Dividers”).

Product Code: UH-NTPRT-002W

Handmade by skilled craftsmen with traditional antique finish (Hand Buffing)

Size: 72 (Height) X 80 (Front Length) in inches approx.

( 4-panels Each Panel 72 X 20 inches)

Material: Mango wood & MDF Fold-able 4 panel Room Partition


Product Code: UH-STNDPART-001

Product Size: 72″ (Height )x 80″ (Length) in inches approx

Material: Mango Wood Frame and MDF Design

No Assembly Required, Antique Hand-buffed finish

Can be customized/extended to more panels



Product SKU: UH-WHPART-001

Wooden Partition With Wooden Shelves

Material: MDF (Medium Density Fiber-wood) and Mango Wood

Size: 72″x 80″ (4 panels each panel of approx. 20 inches wide and approx. 72 inches high)






Product Code: UH-SCR-203A

Material: Sheesham Wood (Indian Rosewood)

Standard Size of each panel: 72 inches (6 feet )

height and 20-inch front length)

Dark polish with melamine finish


Pooja Chowki

Bring home these easy to carry and easy to maintain Wooden pooja Chowki handmade in premium wood by experienced artisans from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Pooja Chowki by Aarsun Woods is provided in various sizes and designs.

Wooden Pooja Chowki for Indian Rituals



Product Code: UH-WCHKI-004

Pooja Chowki for Diwali Festivities for Navratri Especial and Ganesha Poojan

Material: Teak Wood (Sagaun / Sagwan)

Available Shades: Natural Wood and Walnut Finish

Size: 40 x 18 x 24 approx



UH-SHCHK-0002 Aarsun Wooden Chowki


Product Code: UH-SHCHK-0002

Traditional finishing, Fixed Unit

Material: Sheesham Wood

Size: 24″ x 12″ x 24″ (front length x depth x height)

approx. in inches



Product Code: UH-CHK-003N

Size: 12″(Length) X 12″(Width) X 15″(Height) in inches approx

Material: Mango Wood

Wooden Pooja Chowki / Deity Chair for Worship

The unit consists of one pull out drawer for Pooja essentials




Product Code: UH-WCHKI-002

Size : 18 x 18 x 9 approx. in inches – (L X B X H)

Material: Sheesham Wood (Indian Rosewood)

Natural Wood and Walnut Finish



Pooja Essentials

Complete your Temple with our range of wooden pooja articles.

Product Code: UH-KJHULA-001

Product Size : Seat Size : 24 (L) X 18(W) X 28(H)

Outer Size : 42 (L) X 30(W) X 48(H) || 30 inch is lower leg depth in inches Approx

Material: Sheesham Wood


Festive Season Sale: Home Furniture 3


Product Code : UH-INC-1002

Size: 12″ X 2″ in inches (Approximate)

Light your Dhoop-sticks without

worrying about the ashes.



Pooja Article


Product Code: UH-PND-0103

Wooden Rehal (Holy Books Stand) used for Gita,

Quran, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib

Size: 13.5 x 10 x 4 (inches)

Material: Sheesham Wood



Traditional Home Furniture

Great deals and discounts available on this festive season sale in hand-carved furniture units by Aarsun Woods. Redecorate your homes with traditional wooden furniture offered by Aarsun Woods. Customized to perfection, these furniture units are designed in lush floral designs and polished in shades as per your homes. The Wooden furniture by Aarsun Woods is made in premium quality hardwood which is durable and long-lasting.



Festive Season Sale: Home Furniture 6




Victorian Style Wooden Sofa Set for Living Room

UH-ROYAL-005 Aarsun Royal Sofa Set


Indian Handicrafts and Furniture units are the most sought after products and are known for their intricate carving and wood finishing. The texture when finished sets each unique apart and it is this exclusivity that everyone craves for at home.

We at Aarsun Woods never compromise on quality and provides the best products that last for years. Contact us now and get Furniture Exclusively Tailored for Your Home. A New Designs and shades of A new festive season Sale.

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