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10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish

“Natural” is a complete word in itself. If we talk about furniture, the beauty we see in its natural finish, it does not appear in any other Polish. We give you carved furniture which represents Indian Tradition. Carved furniture with curves and soft edges is the foremost of traditional style. Other features include detailed woodwork, carved design, and a graceful natural polish. Wood with darker and richer tones, such as teak and rosewood are used as these look luxurious and elegant. We have many furniture designs, some designs are shown here:

1. Wooden Temple in Teak Wood

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish 1
The Temple is handcrafted in premium quality wood and natural wood shade revealing the fine wood grains on the surface. Teak wood is famous for its properties like longevity, durability as well as termite resistivity.

The Temple is made in Knock Down Folding Manner, it can be easily assembled in 5 minutes after watching the video. The Pooja Units that are made for International Shipping are made in a folding manner to reduce the shipping cost and increase portability.

2. Simple and Elegant Dining Set

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish 2
Aarsun presents to you a handcrafted 6 Seater Luxury Dining set made from premium quality Teak wood by skilled artisans. A transitional-style dining set that features a dining table, and six chairs with Beautiful fabric. It is finished in polish for a dazzling appeal. The dining chairs look beautiful and make this dining set unique. The dining room set features a really attractive design. It’s a beautiful addition to the dining room area.

3. Wooden Swing For Living Room

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish 3
Indoor WoodenSwing is traditionally indoor jhoola Premiumfurniture quality Teak Wood. The unit consists of 2 pillars on sides with a hand-carved and floral pattern design. The main swing chair is sturdy enough and is also made of Teak Wood. The chair is attached from the top with the brass chain attached. The Swing Chair has floral carvings all over with cushioning at the seat and at the center back. Overall the unit is polished in Walnut Finish.

4. Royal Wooden Bed Designs double Bed cot

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish 4
Wood furniture good home traditionally handcrafted in classical as well as contemporary designs in premium quality Teak Wood. The Front, Back and the sides are made in premium quality teak wood with floral. Our beds are available in various popular sizes such as king size, queen size, and master size. The box is usually made in premium teak plywood.

5. Wooden Sofa Set Designs Ideas For Your Living Room

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish 5
Our hand-carved wooden #Sofaset adds a touch of evergreen elegance to your room. The Traditional and elegant carving Design belonging to the classic category reflects the vintage philosophy perfectly well. The Wooden Sofa set designs have also been modified to suit everyone’s requirements. This Handmade carved wooden sofa set is made of Premium quality Teak wood.

6. Handcarved chaise lounge

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish 6
Hand-carved in premium Wood, the chaise lounge is an amazing remembrance of the mid-18th-century royal living room interiors. The premium finish and detailed wood carving give the very same ethnic look as in the good old days. Highly customizable units with a wide range of Fabric Options.

7. Latest Design Round Dining Table Teak Wood

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish 7
Aarsun Royal Dining Set for 6, all hand-carved, made in India, in premium quality Teak Wood and Fine Glossy Walnut Shade Polish.
Dine Like a King!! Premium Round 6 Seater Luxury Dining. Round Table with heavy pedestal – all #Handcrafted in classic design. Complimenting the dining table are the royal chairs with double carving and upholstered in matching leatherette fabric.

8. Vintage Style Royal Carved Bedstead with Storage

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish 8
Everyone wants to have a luxurious life or a royal home. Here we come with the beautifully carved Bedstead to redecorate your bedroom. These incredible handcrafted Bedroom furniture designs are being seen since the 18th century in large palaces all over the world. Now people are using Royal Teak furniture with the same grace. It is available in king and queen size and can be made in teak and Sheesham. The unit can be designed as per your requirement.

9. Best Faux Leather Sofa Set Chesterfield

10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish 9
Aarsun brings to you a modern and comfortable Teak Wood #LeatherSofa Set for your Living Room. The 5 Seater Teak Sofa Set with floral carving.
It has an elegant design that enhances the interior decor of your living room. The upholstery of this sofa makes it very comfortable to sit while the floral carving back gives the traditional look to the Set.

10. Teak Wooden Couch 10 Best Carved Furniture In Natural Finish 10

The Traditionally handmade wooden couch brings back the Mid Century Antique Interiors to the Modern Luxury Homes. This Victorian style carved wooden couch is highly acclaimed in domestic as well as international market. The unit is carefully handmade with age-old techniques. The vintage style of woodworking has its own perks.

People often use the term “cheap and best” but we believe cheap cannot be best, in fact, cheap is in itself a very cheap word and we offer furniture in the budget for wood furniture lovers. Aarsun – We are not carpenters we are artisans, we need time to make your furniture, each piece Handcrafted with years of practice and hard work to master the art.

Here we have shared some furniture design in a natural finish, I hope you like it. We have a lot of designs that give a different identity to your interior. Here I have shown you furniture only in a natural finish, besides, we have furniture made in gold, silver, copper or whatever polish you want. If you want any changes in fabric or polish color, then we will make you as per your choice.

Contact us for customizations. Send us some pictures of the place you need a Makeover. We will deliver the Handcrafted Furniture at your doorstep.

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