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Wooden temple/ Mandir for Home

You are welcome to the world of beautifully carved,exquisitely crafted and elegantly design place for your deity. In today’s world when every person is busy with their fast and busy life and hardly get time for himself and even for his family  but there is one place  where you can be at peace and feel positive vibes I;e. “PUJA GHAR”. So we bring to you some of the finest puja temples for you from our renowned collection where you can worship the Lord and receive his blessings.This four letter word puja describes its own value like letter
“P” – stands for peace .whenever you worship you feel  peace which strength your mind  and give power to fight against  negative vibes.
“U”-it means being unassuming because your worship gives you power to be polite.
“J”-letter J stands for being jaunty because your puja make you alive and self-confident.
“A”-letter A derive to be admonish because god give you the power to be ready for every tasks of life and fulfill it in best positive manner.
In our wooden home temple we use best quality of sheesham wood. Sheesham is also known as Indian rosewood.   It is deciduous tree and considering as holy wood in Hindu religion. Sheesham   is very distinctive in appearance and can be polish to a fine finish.
We also use teak wood and mango wood in our designer wooden home temple because teakwood and mango wood is best known for its durability.
Our wooden carved temple for home/office is beautifully carved by our artisans. Our engraving consists of floral embossing, peacock and elephant carving, brass work, leaf work which give the sophisticated and elegant touch to your house or office. The carving over the temple is carved by our skilled artisans.
Our designer wooden templehave enough space for your deity and as well as for some puja essentials according to the unit. We have “n” number of puja mandir available as per your need like wall brackets, office puja temple, office and home temples etc. Small sizes are also available as per the order.
This temple is perfect match for your home or either for your office. It gives very sophisticated look to your office/home.  This temple is just a small part of our collection and there is more to go from our renowned collection.Here are some of the temples from our renowned collection.

Wooden Parttion / wooden temple images

Wooden room dividers/partition present by Aarsun woods made from premium quality Material with beautiful floral carving that gives an elegant and traditional look to your living room. Room divider /screen/partitions are used in our country from early ages and best used to give personal space to your room and home. Our wooden screen/separator consists of beautiful peacock design and leaf work which is carved by our skilled artisans. We use sheeshamwood,teakwood and MDF in our screen/partitions.Wooden room panel/separator is not only changing the look of your home but also give value to your unused space. Our beautiful handmade room partition will gain your privacy by dividing up the room and it can be used as wonderful decoration for our home/office.Our wooden room dividers/separators are of either three or four panels and can be placed in ZIG ZAG position. As these wooden room screens/dividers are mostly used in big rooms. It not only gives your room some more space but give more value to your invaluable space. In some homes our wooden room screen/partition are used to separate puja ghar because usually in old style homes peoples are not supposed to make any special room for their deity so they use wooden room dividers/screen as a separator to give some personal space to their deity. When we talk about the wooden room divider/partition we generally first thing which stuck on our mind are about wood which is used in partition. Most of our wooden room separators are made up of sheesham wood. Sheeshma wood is also known as Indian rosewood and is best in vaastu compliance. Our wooden room partition/seperators are also made up of mango wood as it is rated from moderately durable to perishable. In our wooden room screens /partitions beautiful floral embossing, peacock carving, beautiful leaf pattern carved over our room partitions/separators /screens by our skilled artisans. Another wood which is used in our room partition is MDF (Medium Density Fiber Wood).Typical MDF has a hard smooth flatten surface that’s make it ideal for veneering, as there is no underlying grain to telegraph through thin veneer as with ply wood. A so called “PREMIUM” MDF is available that features more uniform density throughout the thickness of the panel.We have ‘N’ number of designs as which give classy look to your room. As we are the manufacturers so unit can be customized as per the customers need.

wooden temple images for home

Add some more classy touch to your home with our beautifully crafted designer rajasthanijharokha. Jharokhas are first used in India by Mughals, they place jharokhas on east side of their palace for Morning Prayer and to greet their audience and at that time it is known as jharokhadarshan. From that timejharokha is used by prestigious people. So Aarsun woods bring to you elegantly carved wooden jharokha in rajashtani style with beautiful floral and peacock carving. These wooden rajasthani style jharokha give traditional look to your home. Here are some of the best wooden traditional jharokha from our collection.
Give your home or garden a very classy touch with our rocking chair/garden chair/grandpa chair, the best gift for your old ones. You can use wooden garden chair in your garden and feel the silence of nature. In our collection of wooden rocking/grandpa chair there are wide variety of designs available like chariot designs, leaf design, woodenjaali design. In some of our wooden rocking/grandpa chairs there are beautiful iron curved work done over the rocking chair which give very elegant look to our unit. The word rocking chair comes from word “rock” and the word rocking chair first use in year 1766. The rocking/garden chair is best gift for your old ones even for your elders.Many people find rocking chair soothing because of its comfort and motion that’s why it is the best for old ones or even for children. Our wooden rocking /grandpa chairs are made up of seasoned sheesham wood and teak wood and these woods are best durable.

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