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How to assemble Wooden Temple by Aarsun Woods

How to assemble Wooden Temple by Aarsun Woods

UH-MNDR-0175(1) Wooden Temple by Aarsun Woods

Wooden temples really are an important part of Indian homes. There are a number of Temples out in the market and online. However, Wooden temples are the ones preferred by all. Wooden Temples are just like any other furniture that you buy for your home or office. The Temples comes in different designs, size and make. The Hardwood types widely used for making Wooden temples are Sheesham, Mango and Teak Wood.

Wooden Temples are the most sought after because of their beautiful carving and customization potential. There are a number of designs available. If you want something stylish and grand, you can have it. If you need something sober and plain, you can have it. Even if you need a blend of two, you can get it made at one corner of India, and get it delivered anywhere in the world. Wooden Temple mostly consists of three parts: Top, Center and Base. The top portion consists Dome with fully  carving.  The Center , also known as Garbgriha, consists of 2 pillars attached to the back and two pillars in front of the temple. The base of the Wooden Temple / Mandir consists of a single Drawer with knob and Beautiful Carving.

Instruction for Aarsun Wooden Folding Temple assembly:

The unit consists of six main part that can be assemble with in a minutes.

  1. Ceiling
  2. Inner House
  3. Dome
  4. Pillars
  5. Bails
  6. Base

  Please refer to the image for the parts.

  1. Attach / Place the inner house (2.) on the base (6.) on the markings shown at the base.
  2. The pillars(4.) and the bails.(5.) sometimes comes pre-attached.You need to un-screw the bails from the pillars
  3. Place the pillars (4.) on the corners of the base (6.) and screw them firmly.
  4. Place the ceiling (1.)  onto the 4 pillars (4.) and screw the bails (5.) aligning the ceiling and the pillars such that the bails (5.) go inside the pillars (4.) through the holes in the ceiling. This way  the whole structure is connected firmly.
  5. Lastly, place the dome (3.) at the top. The temple is assembled.

Material Details:

  • Sheesham Wood is the most famous wood used by the artisans for making furniture or any type of wooden item especially for home or office purpose. It is the best timber wood which is used in India.
  • Rose wood is comes into different shades like from golden brown to deep brown in color and have dark streaks which give them very attractive look and appearance.
  • The wood is hard and has medium coarse texture making it is the best wood for carving and engraving purpose.
  • Rose wood is famous in India for making furniture because it does not twist/bend and split. It is the highly durable and is somehow free from dry-wood termite.
  • Rose wood is of very unique color and gives very fine finish after hand waxing.
  • Some of our Rose wood furniture has wrought iron work which has some iron jaali work and it gives a very elegant look to our Sheesham wood unit.
  • Indian Rosewood is also used in marine and aircraft grade plywood.
  •  Indian Rosewood is perfect for making antique furniture for homes and for offices as it gives a very smooth finish to the product.
  •  The product is made up of Rose wood gives natural look and delightful touch to your home and office.


Buy Aarsun Woods Folding Wooden Temple available in different woods and sizes:

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Astrological Aspects of Placing Wooden Temple at Home

Astrological Aspects of Placing Wooden Temple at Home


Looking for Vastu Compliant Wooden temples? Worried about Astrological aspects of placing the Temple in your home or at Office? You have come to the right place.


Since ages, in order to have our mind clear of all the clutter and to find some peace from the outer world, each Indian Home has its own place of worship: Temple. Temples brings positivity and peace at home. Wooden temples are common to be seen at most places these days. Not only homes, but workplaces, hospitals, café, restaurants and institutions; small and big have Wooden Temples.

Playing such an important role in our lives, placement of wooden temples cannot go unnoticed. Almost every home has them placed as per Astrology / Vastu. It is said that choosing the right place and way of keeping the Temples really affect the persons around them. There are many aspects that one should follow while placing a wooden temple at Home or in Office. You will feel much relaxed in deciding which Temple to choose and where to keep it after reading the article.

A few but most important aspects to be kept in mind while placing a wooden temple at home are discussed in brief. Read On…

The Appropriate Height of the Temple:


The wooden temple should be kept at height appropriate to the seating arrangement. It should be kept at a height right at the same level a person’s chest sitting or standing in front of it. The basic idea is to have the Pooja Idols to be kept in front of the person.

If the height is lower than that, it would be disrespectful to the Lord. Also, above that height, it would be difficult for the person to actually see the Deities. Thus, the basic thumb rule is to keep the Temple at a height from where the Idols’ feet are higher than the devotee’s chest.




Material to be used:

The Temples are considered ideal when made in wood. According to Vastu Shastra, a temple made of wood is propitious and considered to be more religious. Sheesham Wood (Rosewood), apart from other wood types, is considered auspicious for Home Temple. However, the temple can be made in any wood type. Of all woods, three wood types are commonly referred for Temple making: Sheesham Wood, Teak Wood (Sagwan or Sagaun) and Mango Wood. Marble Temples are also considered appropriate. Also, the Home Temple should not be placed directly at floor. It should have some foundation or support above the ground.


A Temple placed at home or anyplace else is incomplete without correct Vastu Compliant directions.

  1. As per Vastu Shastra, placing Mandir at north-eastern or eastern corner of the home is considered to be perfect and bring good luck to your place. It is also known that north-eastern side of a house is filled with positive energy.
  2. It is important that deities face in west and worshiper face in east.
  3. The Diya should be placed / lit in south-east direction.
  4. Pooja Room is a precious part of home and perfect place for worshipping God. Worshipers should always keep some insulation while praying or siting in the Pooja room by using mat or carpet or a small stool (pooja chowki).

Things to avoid doing while placing Wooden Temples:

  1. The Wooden Temple should not be adjoining to the toilet or washroom; not even above or below it.
  2. A Wooden Temple should not be placed in bedroom. However, in case there is no other option or you have some space management issues, you can place the Temple at some height and cover it with curtains or a door to conceal the Idols from direct eye contact.
  3. Avoid placing any ancestral pictures inside the Wooden Temple. This is considered inauspicious as per Vastu.
  4. Avoid placing cracked or damaged Idols (Khandit Murti) inside the temple. Also, avoid placing heavy Idols if possible as they might damage the Wooden Mandir.

These are few of the points that are needed to be considered to avoid any mistakes and have everything positive at home. Wooden Temple rightly chosen and kept carefully can last for years. A Temple can be any size or design as far as it relates to your home. Wooden Temples comes in a variety of designs and can also be made exactly as per your requirements. Some have doors in front, some are open. Some have shelves inside for small idols or picture frames, while some only have center for a single deity. Some just have 4 pillars and a small dome at the top. It really depends on you which seems best for your own place.

We, at Aarsun Woods, excel in customization and carefully keep in mind the astrological aspects while making the Wooden Temple. We have been crafting Temples for over 30 years now and have clients not only from India but overseas. Each Wooden Temple is crafted very carefully keeping in mind the clients requirements and religious aspects related to the temple. We have Temples ranging from Small Wall Hanging to Large Floor Standing for Halls and Gardens. The Wood used is Sheesham (Indian Rosewood), Teak Wood (Sagwan or Sagaun as called in many parts of India) and Mango Wood. MDF is also used in making Wooden Mandir.

Still have questions about which Temple to choose for your home? Not able to decide the wood or size? Call us and mail us to have details and get the unit that is perfect for your home.




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Wooden Temple For Home- Big And Small

Almost every Indian Home has a corner for worshiping their God. Among them, the most common Temples are made from Wood. Let us discuss Temples fit for homes small or big.

Wooden temples are so common in Indian homes that it is almost impossible to imagine an Indian Home without any. Not only homes but offices have a corner to worship Idols. Sometimes, a separate Room is dedicated for worshipping. Each home or office has its own requirements and today, in the market, for each requirement, there is a Temple that you can get customized. Wooden Temples are the most sought after because of their beautiful carving and customization potential. There are a number of designs available. If you want something stylish and grand, you can have it. If you need something sober and plain, you can have it. Even if you need a blend of two, you can get it made at one corner of India, and get it delivered anywhere in the world.

Now, availability of wide variety of designs means more Wooden Temples to choose from. However, this also creates confusion among the masses – which will be the best among the available which would look awesome at your place?

Let us discuss about the selection for wooden temples according to the area placed.

For Small Homes:

There are a variety of Small Temples fit for small homes and bedrooms. Small mandir is easy to move in small house from one place to another. One can place wall hanging temples to manage space or can use small shelves and place their idols on it. Commonly Sheesham and mango wood are used for making small wooden temples as carving requirements are minimum and can be easily omitted. Small Homes have less space but it does not mean that you cannot have a large Temple in your home. It totally depends on your requirements and your urge to get a Temple. However, we suggest you to use a wall hanging Temple for Small Home. For Bedroom, we suggest Temples with Door or curtain as per Hindu Mythology.

For Large Homes and Garden:

Large Size Teak Wood Mandir Home Temple by Aarsun Woods

Wooden temples come in different sizes as previously said and for large homes and villas with attached garden area, Large Temples can easily be placed. Large Temples has everything for your Pooja needs. Be it cabinets, extra spaces, shelves and more, you can have anything as per your need and a more detailed carving can be done on large surfaces. Large Temples is just like having a miniature Temple and mostly have a theme – Southern Style (with Gopuram and Large hand-carved Dome with elephant and peacock carving all over), Northern Style (with minimalistic design but often with large space for keeping idols)

For Offices: 

What type of wooden temple in office purpose use big size and small size? Mostly small size wooden temple and hanging wooden temple use in office made from mango wood. Some offices have a separate space for pooja room we can use a big size wooden temple.

Different Wood Types used for Making Temples:

  Teak Wooden Temple:

Unpolished Teak Wood Mandir for Home by Aarsun Woods

For Large Temples, the most widely used wood type is Teak Wood. Teak Wood also referred as Sagwan or Sagaun has natural resistant to termites and is long lasting. The natural strength makes it an apt hardwood for carving purposes. Teak Wood has a natural dark finish which looks beautiful after carving and finishing is applied over the surface.

Teak Wood does not need any separate termite or fungus treatment. Teak Wood does not shrink or wrap due to weather conditions. In short, if you need a Large Temple to be kept in an open area prone to moisture, you can have one in Teak Wood.


Sheesham Wooden Temple:

Sheesham Wood Temple Round Large by Aarsun Woods

If you need something as durable as Teak, but does not have much of detailed carvings in mind, you should certainly consider Sheesham Wood. Sheesham Wood is cheaper than Teak Wood and possesses a natural grainy structure with shine, which greatly improves the carving done on the Wood.

Once the unit is polished it surpasses most of the hardwood and lasts really long. Sheesham Wood is also believed to have divine importance as it is being viewed as auspicious in the Vedic scriptures. Sheesham is certainly a better option if the Temple is in medium size and carving is not that detailed.


Mango Wooden Temple:

Looking for a small Temple with minimum design and carvings? Also, need the Temple to be lighter? You should consider Mango Wood Temples. Mango Wood is lighter than other hardwoods and can be used where no or minimal design is required.

Also, in case of small Offices and Homes, where the Temple needs to be hung on wall, Mango Wood Temple is the first choice among the masses. When treated properly with anti-termite spray and coated with a color paint, it becomes resistant to moisture. Besides, it is cheaper than other wood.


MDF Temple: 


Looking for something that suits modern themed homes? MDF Temples might just perfectly match your modern home decor.  MDF (Medium DEnsity Fiberboard)is a great surface for finish. It is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have space or piece.

MDF  temple can be easily designed with the use CNC Machines. Almost any design can be made using CNC machines. MDF  temple can be painted in any color, Lightweight and easy to install. Also, as MDF is a lot cheaper than the usual hardwoods, MDF might be the best choice for those who are looking for a Temple reasonable to their pockets


Wooden Temples available in several sizes and styles as per the house Decor and customer need. Out of Sheesham, teak and Mango, as same before, Sheesham is taken into account good. Sheesham is lighter than Teak and has moisture and insect resistant properties that makes it a far better choice than Mango Wood. Of course, teak Wood is famous for wood-working ease and long lasting properties, however still in India, Sheesham Wood is everywhere thought of higher.

Buy Aarsun Woods Wooden Temple Available In Different Woods and Size:


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