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Top 10 Bestsellers June – 2018

Wooden Furniture & Handicrafts are the most sought after products online. Not only because these are essentials to have, but because there are unique and are perfect as Gifts to your near & dear ones. Have a look at our 10 Bestsellers this June 2018…


  1. Aarsun Wooden Room Divider with Shelves


A simple space saving solution for your home. The room divider comes in 4 Panels attached on the sides that can be folded as per your need. What’s different is the shelves that can be easily placed in front in the slits in the panels.

The Unit works as a partition for your space as well as a Book Shelf. A perfect piece as the room divider can be shifted from one room to another without any issues. The unit can be customized to more panels and shelves according to the size requirements.

Looking for a Space Saving Solution & a Shelf? Look no further, just go for this Room Divider to save your precious money.





2.Wooden Sofa Set with Antique Style


Aarsun Woods have been promoting Traditional Handcrafted Furniture for decades. This Sofa is a piece of art. The Sofa Set brings traditional to the modern homes.

The Wooden Carvings are handmade by skilled artisans from Saharanpur and the upholstery can be changed as per your needs. The Sofa set consists of 2 Single Seater Chair and 1 Three Seater Sofa. The sofa is shipped in a fixed manner and Door Delivery is available all over India.

For International Shipping and relevant details, contact us now.





3. Hand- carved Wooden Almirah / Wardrobe- White and gold polish


Traditional Wardrobe Almirah made in premium quality Teak Wood with fine finishing in white. The Gold lining at the top and the base brings detail to the design. The wooden almirah has horizontal compartments for wooden shelves.

The design can be changed as per your need. For custom orders, you can always contact us and get what is perfect for your home.





4.  Wooden Temple / Wood Mandir / Pooja Ghar/ Puja Temple

Pooja Cabinet Teak wood with plyWooden Prayer Cabinet that provides ample space for all your pooja essentials at one place. This prayer cabinet is handcrafted in Sheesham as well as Teak Wood depending on your requirement. The Doors in front has 42 brass bells in  front.

The Temple has Dome at the top with Shikhar and 4 smaller shikhars. 4 pull out drawers with support at all corners at the base.

Similar to the other handcrafted designs, the prayer cabinet can be customized to your needs, viz, the color shade, the design and the number of drawers and style can be changed.





5. Wooden Wall Shelf for Ganesha Poojan / Home Decor:

UH-WSHLF-01-1 Wooden Wall Shelf

Not all rooms need a large Wooden Temple for their deity. Aarsun Wall Shelf is sleek and can be easily mounted over a wall. The 5 pooja brass bells are provided inside the packaging with the J-hooks. This unit is also a bestseller on

Need a different size? You can increase the length or depth of the shelf as well as a number of shades are available.

Free Door Delivery available across India.





6. Wooden Handmade Diwan Gold Polish:

The Royal Diwan is a crucial furniture piece for any traditional living room.

Aarsun Royal Diwan has unique floral carvings done by skilled artisans from Saharanpur. The Royal Gold finish and details sets the units apart from its competitors. The unit comes with a booster and a number of fabric options available.

International Shipping Available.





7. Aarsun Wine Cabinet Wall Mount:

Wine Cabinet UH-WRK-002 by Aarsun Woods

The Wooden Wine cabinets have been always popular in the category. Aarsun provides a range of designs in wine cabinets delivered right at your doorstep. This particular Wine cabinet has a open lid style front. the wine cabinet can be easily mounted on the wall and has sufficient space for wine bottles and glasses. A separate glass holder section is provided at the top right rack.

The unit is available in full wood, engineered wood and is packed in a fixed manner. You just need to open the package and place it on the wall as required. The design is simplistic and can fit in modern as well as traditional home themes. The unit is available in premium wood shades such as Natural Wood, Walnut & dark Walnut Shade.





8. Sheesham Wooden Rocking / Relaxing Chair :

UH-RCKCH-0001The Wooden Rocking Chairs are always considered a stylish piece of furniture to have at home. They are stylish, comfortable and the best gifts for your elderly.

The unit is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Saharanpur and the designs goes back to Mughal Ages. Saharanpur is famous for its handicrafts and rocking chairs are a crucial part of the Indian Cultural Heritage.

The to-and-fro rocker is delivered right at your doorstep and that too is shipped in a fixed manner.

The unit is delivered in India within 7-10 business days.





9. Handmade Wooden Cradle (Palna) in Sheesham Wood :

UH-JMNDR-115-1 Wooden Baby palna by Aarsun Woods

Wooden Baby Cradle handcrafted by skilled artisans in premium quality wood and natural wood finishing. Handcrafted Palna is made in parts by Aarsun artisans. The stands, parts and the inner portion are shipped in parts that can be easily assembled without the need of any carpenter assistance. The unit is a wonderful gift for your baby. A perfect unit to be installed at home to give the utmost comfort to your little one.





10. Engineered Wood Partition | Room Screen | Room Divider

MDF Wooden Partition | Room Screen | Room Divider | Room Separator with Stand

Aarsun Woods introduces room dividers with stands that can be placed anywhere at your place. A great replacement for brick walls The room divider can stand straight using the stands or can be placed in a zig-zag manner or u-shaped manner as per your need. The unit can also be shifted easily from one room to another.

The frame of the room divider is made in mango wood and the design is in engineered wood.

The unit can be extended to more panels as per your requirement. The height and width of each can also be changed.

Wooden Handicrafts and Furniture units has been in trend online. Each consumer has its own requirements and those can be easily fulfilled by custom made furniture. The units above are handmade and can be designed as per your needs. Each unit has its own texture and finish which makes it a unique piece. All our products are carefully made keeping in mind the precise requirements. Call or WhatsApp at +91-8192999135 or mail us at now to have furniture as per your need.

Also, available on &


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Premium Home Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme

Premium Home Furniture Perfect for Vintage Theme

Lets face it. Finding perfect furniture that fits your home theme is sometimes a head-ache, even for one of the most renowned architects and designers. And it is all the more difficult for the enthusiasts with vintage theme in mind.

Aarsun Woods have been prompt in resolving such issues for the end-customers without indulging professional help as that might not be the best way to decide what one needs for home. We excel in customization and offer point to point changes in size, material, shade and even in designs that one wants to have at home.

When it comes to selecting Furniture for Vintage theme, wooden units are one of the most sought after furniture pieces in the market. Most of the times a person is awestruck with a design but is unable to have them at home, sometimes due to its sheer size or due to its shade that does not go with the home theme. The vintage furniture always comes in a standard size and design that are seldom changed.

Well, we at Aarsun Woods, are here to break that rule. We at Aarsun Woods believe that each piece of furniture at home should match the buyer’s needs. Each unit is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans of Saharanpur and is a clear depiction of Mughal Architecture. The units are made in premium quality solid wood such as Sheesham and Teak with a wide range of color shades depending upon the home decor.

Let us have a look at some of the most popular designs in handcrafted wooden furniture that can be customized exactly as per your home.

Royal Furniture:

Bedroom Furniture Set:

This royal gold finish bedroom set is a treat to have at home. The design is typical European with heavy carving on the surfaces. The king size bed has a heavily hand-carved headboard with comfortable cushions, similar floral carvings on the front board and the sides. The bed side tables & cabinet along-with the Mirror Frame, the settee has similar floral carvings and royal gold finish that gives your bedroom an Emperor Look. Overall a stylish and durable selection of wooden bedroom set.



UH-ROYAL-0011-Wooden-Bedroom-FurnitureWant More??

Customization is one thing that can give way to the most complicated design worth going for. People looking for Ultimate Royal Feel in their bedrooms should try this setting. To your Left, Aarsun Woods brings a whole new Italian style royal Bedroom Set:Bed with heavily padded handcrafted headboard and similar front, a settee in front with proper cushioning, 2 side-tables with pull out drawers and dressing table (sideboard) with royal Mirror Frame. The theme is best suited with neutral colors, ample spacing and great lighting.


Some More designs to consider when looking for that envious royal look :


UH-ROYAL-0020 Wooden Royal Furniture by Aarsun Woods

UH-ROYAL-0019 Wooden Royal Furniture by Aarsun Woods

Wooden Sofa Sets / Living Room Sets

Who don’t want to impress their colleagues, neighbors and family with a beautiful lively Living Room? The answer is none. Grab this sofa set if you need something out of the Mughal era that convert your home into a stylish suite. The 3 seater sofa along-with single seater sofa chair complements the vintage theme but in style. The detail carvings, the curves, the gold finish and elegance. Amazing Sofa Set for amazing people. And of course, this is a customizable unit.


UH-SOFA-0031-5 wooden sofaTraditional Sofa Set :

Authentic Mughal Architecture with fine floral carvings and style that beats all. The Fully carved tops with traditional fabric at the sofa set and an elegantly carved coffee table. The coffee color polish and the ethnic look makes it a bargain. And then this can be customized to your liking. Want a 2 seater too? Want a diwan of the same design? We can get you as per your need. The carving, the polish and the size can be changed to your taste. Delivered right at your doorstep.


Contemporary Handcrafted Sofa Set:

The design is influenced by European style with glossy polish. The dual shade, the upholstery and the carving together makes it an enticing set. The center table / coffee table looks elegant and blends in the scene. Overall a descent set to have in your living room. The set looks equally good in dark shades. The royal Gold polish also adds to its richness. The set includes: 3 seater Sofa + 2 Seater Sofa+ Single Seater Sofa + Coffee Table.


Some more exciting designs that may puzzle you a bit 😉

royal furniture for home by Aarsun Woods

UH-ROYAL-007 Wooden Living Room Set by Aarsun Woods

UH-PFSS-0005 Wooden Furniture by Aarsun

     Handcrafted Dining Sets:

UH-ROYAL-006 Wooden Dining Set by Aarsun Woods


Home is never complete without a Family Dining area, however small or big it is. Dining Table is where everyone can come together with loved ones. After all, it is the family who make your home a “Happy Home”. Dining set comes in all sizes and can be customized exactly as per your need. We have a whole range of premium designs available in dining sets made from premium quality solid woods.



8 seater Dining Set – Aarsun Woods

With Rich Gold finish, fine carved table and chairs, this handmade Wooden Dining Set is a visual treat. The cushioning is on the chair gives you a relaxing effect. The units are evenly polished and smooth to touch. The natural grainy wooden texture gets completely revamped with the Gold Polish at the surface.  A total of 8 family members can sit comfortably and have dinner together. Perfect for a festive gathering.


UH-NDNG-0050 Wooden Dining set Aarsun

Coffee Finish Traditional Dining Set –  Aarsun Woods

This particular 6 seater Dining Set is made from premium quality teak wood with coffee color finish. The Table top has fine engravings done by skilled artisans. Same goes with the chairs. The chairs have fine cream color upholstery with arm-rest provided at the corner chairs.The design at the table top can be omitted or the whole table top can be replaced by a glass top as needed.

We do not usually provide glass top due to the damages in transit. but the wooden table top looks more traditional and captivating. the look and finish blends in with almost any kind of theme but we prefer Vintage theme over other modern themes for home.


 Dark Wood Finish 6 seater Dining Set

This Dining set is perfect for folks wanting a simpler planar tops and backs with a touch


of artistic designs at the sides and on armchairs. The Dining Table has a thick oval top

with floral carvings at the sides and and at the supporting legs. The chairs have sky blue floral upholstery comfortable for a single person. This dining set can go with the present day sitting arrangements like having a dining area close to an open kitchen.


Some more designs that can change your home into a royal one…

UH-NDNG-0020 Wooden Dining Set By Aarsunwoods

Wooden Dining Set Royal Furniture Teak Wood 1376


Now, there are a number of other ways you can go all vintage at home, but the furniture above will surely ease your pain of getting everything right. We have been in Handmade Furniture domain for quite sometime now and believe in giving the units that are unique to a customer’s requirement.

Custom Made Furniture always has its own perks and everyone gets what they want. It takes time to get these things done as these are handmade by artisans carefully keeping in mind the details as discussed. But the final product made is exactly as per your home theme and looks awesome in your home. So, just call ( or chat or mail :-)) and discuss your requirements with our representatives to get what you need at your home.

Still confused? Feel free to contact us :




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5 Benefits of Sheesham Wood Furniture


Sheesham Wood has been at the top when it comes to making Wooden Furniture and Handicrafts. Let’s find out why??

Over the recent years, the furniture world have seen a radical change in design as well as the materials being used in products. In today’s furniture market, we can see different materials used for making products – from plastics and cast iron to wood, plywood, fibreboards and ceramics. The choice of the material totally depends on the customers. Some need a lightweight solution while some consider traditional designs that can only be made in wood. Wooden Furniture has been a first choice for a majority of clients preferably because of its rich cultural heritage and traditional designs that can be made by hand. Wooden handicrafts and Furniture made by hand is popular among the masses especially looking for some stylish and royal look to home.

Primarily, hardwood is used for making furniture products such as Sofa Sets, dining sets, cabinets, wardrobes and other small articles. Hardwood can be carved with much ease and are durable enough to withstand rough handling as well as extreme weather conditions. We, at Aarsun Woods, have been using hardwood for making furniture and other handicrafts for decades now. The most widely used hardwood types are Teak Wood and Sheesham. Of these, Sheesham Wood is primarily used for making hand-carved furniture.

Sheesham is known by many names such as Sisu, Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sisso and many more names. Sheesham is an important timber tree of India. The wood is used for making doors, window frames, furniture, specially cabinets and much more. The pulp of wood is also used for making papers.

Sheesham wood furniture is very versatile and alluring. This is the most famous wood used by the artisans for making furniture or any type of wooden item especially for home or office purpose.  Sheesham is also used to make musical instruments, specifically for percussion due to the resonance abilities of all rosewood.

Here are 5 Advantages / Benefits of having Sheesham Wood Furniture at Home:

1. Best Hardwood for carving:

As being said, Sheesham Wood is by far the most widely used and rated as Best Hardwood for Carving. The wood is hard and has medium coarse texture making it the best wood for carving and engraving purpose. It does not wrap or bend or split as many other wood types. Artisans find it a lot easier to work upon due to its high tensile strength and customers just adores the carving and its unique grainy structure. Despite having a granular surface, Sheesham Wood can be hand-waxed or polished in different shades to get smooth texture and this also somehow provides a termite resistivity to the product – again a good thing to have at moisture or termite-prone locations.


2. Durable and Long Lasting:

Indian Rosewood is highly durable and long lasting and is in fact decay resistant. The heartwood in particular is very durable and is known to have natural resistivity to dry termites. After all, furniture needs to withstand extreme weather conditions and should be tough enough to withstand rough handling.

3. Shade Availability:

Sheesham Wood itself has a large number of varieties and with each variety comes different shades of natural wood. Of course one can easily add a coating of the desired polish onto the surface to have it his / her way. However, some believe in natural shades and unpolished furniture. For those nature “raw” lovers, Sheesham Wood provides a long range of shades – ranging from plain withered look to dry redwood shade.  And what to say about the grains structure. The grain structure changes to different shades when it comes in contact with a different lighting condition. Also, it can be hand-waxed to increase the shine and lustre.

UH-SVS-0023 wooden service trolley by Aarsun woods

4. An auspicious Wood for Pooja Articles:

Sheesham Wood is considered auspicious and have religious aspects attached to it. There are ancient relics describing Sheesham Wood as bringer of peace and prosperity at home. Wooden Temples made in Sheesham Wood seems to have some relativity to the Vastu-Shastra and are considered to be Vastu Complaint. Most of our Pooja Articles and Temples are made in Sheesham Wood.

5. Affordable Wood for Furniture Making:

Sheesham Wood is an affordable option than other hardwood types in the market. It is cheaper than Teak Wood despite having similar properties. Sheesham Wood Furniture also does not need special care. It can be cleaned simply with the use of good quality cotton cloth (dry). Also, the best part of having wooden furniture at home is, you can actually make it as good as new by re-waxing it or polishing it with a different shade.

Sheesham Wood has been worked upon by experienced artisans for many decades. Almost all types of furniture can be made using Sheesham Wood: Wooden Sofa Sets, Dining Sets, deewan, wooden beds, side tables, dressings, tv trolley, bar cabinets and wardrobes, wooden temples, small toys for gifts and much much more.


Buy Aarsun Woods Sheesham Wood furniture and Decor Available In Different Woods and Size:


For more details, feel free to contact us :





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Perks of having Traditional Furniture at Home


Perks of having Traditional Furniture at Home

Traditional always looks classy when it comes to choosing furniture for home. Let’s have a look at the benefits of having everything traditional at home.


Selecting Furniture for Indian Homes has been a challenge these days, especially when there are a lot of options in designing and materials available for making furniture. People seldom take anything for granted now. Gone are the days when the options were limited and we had to settle for only a few products and designs available at offline stores. In the age of globalization, we have a number of options and can get almost anything anywhere. However, when it comes to choosing a theme for our homes, we are puzzled. What to choose- Traditional Style or Modern Style.

Every person these days look for something special and unique that just goes with most of the interior architecture. Sometimes it is hard to find something accurate. Modern Furniture no wonder have given us a lot of options in terms of Styling and Shades, however, Traditional is the one style that almost everyone can have without compromising with the quality and also can be customized as per need.  Traditional designs never go out of style.  Old era had artisans that were profusely crafted in the art of making any log of wood into a masterpiece.


UH-BST-0016 Wooden side table by Aarsun Woods
UH-BST-0016 Wooden side table made with fine quality wood by Aarsun Woods

While selecting furniture, one always looks for quality. Modern style furniture does provide range but not quality. Moreover, if someone needs floral or some design over the units, few options are only available. But when it comes to traditional furniture, not only the quality issue is resolved; design options are immense, be it abstract carving or traditional floral carving. One can get almost any design crafted onto the wood units. Modern homes can be boring after sometime, while these traditional units bring a blissful feel to your home. Also, it brings us closer to our heritage.  So, you need not be afraid of compromising with something simple and boring. When it comes to decorating our homes, we all have different liking. Decorating home is an art we all love. Just like art, some like to have modern designs while some want to have traditional décor. Some people wants minimum furniture where as some prefer a lot of variety.


In terms of QUALITY:

Available in premium quality wood such teak, sheesham & Mango Wood, Traditional furniture looks good with detailed engravings and artistic designs. There are a number of items that we can add: room divider, wooden boxes, jharokha frame, traditional wall shelves, wall hangings, simple wooden jaali style designs, and much more.  Not only these smaller products enhance the look and feel but are affordable. Traditional furniture such as handmade Sofa sets, dining, beds, doors and more have a unique touch of style and aura that attracts everyone.  In short, shelling out a few extra bucks will give you years of satisfaction.

In terms of CARVING:

The traditional furniture can be full carved or brass inlaid while it can be blend of both. There are many options present with traditional collection to give your imagination a beautiful life style. Modern Designs lacks details while traditional furniture has detailed engraving with flora and fauna etched out on the surface that looks elegant and antique. Designs like, flowers and stems, peacocks, swans and elephants are common in traditional furniture which dates back to the Mughal era.

In terms of Durability:  In terms of durability, traditional furniture is long lasting because of high quality hardwood used.  Solid wood such as sheesham, teak, oak, and more is used that is well known for its dense structure which automatically enhances the life and strength of the units in comparison to the units made in ply or MDF wood. In modern furniture, full wood is seldom used while in traditional handicrafts and furniture, full sheesham wood and teak wood are widely preferred.

The craftsmanship involved in this traditional furniture beautifies the décor all the corner of your home with royal & luxurious traditional layout. When it comes to the interior design and traditional furniture trends, we are often choosy what is trendy and what we like. But traditional furniture is for years to come. It does not get withered with time.

Traditional Furniture has a unique aura which grows on you over time. Also, you don’t need to actually replace the units. Bored of a single color? Change it!! Change from traditional brown to White or full black!! Whatever you require.

Aarsun Woods provides custom made furniture according to your home. In fact we excel in customization. Send us your home images or the place you want to keep a unit. We will provide the traditional furniture that best suits the place. The units can be delivered right at your doorstep. Have your own design in mind? Fantastic!! Send us the images and the size you require and we will make it for you.

Call or whatsapp us now for details regarding Traditional Furniture and Home Delivery!!




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Traditional Wooden Furniture for Home – Custom Made??

Every now and then we hear someone actually confused about what to buy for his/her new home or how to renovate / redecorate? These days, due to limited space availability, finding a compact yet stylish furniture for home is a cumbersome task. No one – I repeat – No one wants to spend a large amount of time and money trying to locate that one Dining set that looks perfect in his / her home.

Some feel irritated and hire professionals and put all decisions on them.

“OKAY!! Now let them decide what is perfect for me!!”

Now, this is a good idea, just tell the interior designers and decorators what you like and what you don’t- and they will fetch something interested according to them. They only have a list of ideas you told them to look for and they will try to get that perfect thing. But let’s face it – that is near to perfection, not perfection. It might look good but at some point, you also know it is not perfect. And what about the money you spent in hiring these professionals. And then it always come to Time vs Money, right??

What if we say that rather than spending on the professionals and designs to renovate your home with their liking, spend the exact same time in brainstorming your ideas and coming with an innovative design specifically for your home.

We all love old and Vintage look- old is gold thinking can never go out of style. There are a lot of things to consider while selecting a modern unit while the traditional style furniture will always add a touch of elegance to the place. But what if you need something sober yet not that old? Here comes the Custom made Furniture line.

UH-JMNDR-115-1 Wooden Baby palna by Aarsun Woods

Instead of going for ready to ship designs, you can always look for made to order / custom made traditional furniture that can be made as per your home decor. You can entirely redesign your home as per your taste and style and that too without spending time or money. Of course you need to select a piece of traditional furniture or design you have in mind- but then what is joy of having someone else’s designs placed at home just because they think they are always right? There are a number of websites that can provide a number of traditional furniture to redecorate your home in style (Our website for instance ;-)). Have a look at the beautiful designs on our website. They are traditional, no doubt, but can be customized as per your need. Here how it works:

  1. Look for Awesomeness:
  2. Check whether it is feasible
  3. Try to Negotiate
  4. Check for the Handling Time & Delivery
  5. Purchase it and Get it at home

Now, discuss Custom made Furniture

Customized Furniture:

Customized furniture provided to you benefits of longevity, flexibility in term of material, design, dimension and good finishing. Custom made furniture can easily make anything to your home interior decor like custom chair, custom bedroom, and whatever you want according to your requirement. Custom made furniture mostly people use in own requirement and you want a better wood furniture in a valuable cost. If your home is large storage space you can make furniture in your according in custom made furniture.

Benefits of customized furniture:

  • Customized furniture is easy to design and make best quality wood.
  • In customized furniture you are create a good designer at a low price.
  • You can design furniture according to need, requirement and style
  • Custom made furniture is best for use storage space and small apartment.
  • Custom made furniture quality is always good and it look unique to your home.
  • Customized furniture is suitable for your home environment.
  • Custom made furniture you can choose best wood, fabric and other materials.
  • Custom made furniture is more durable than readymade furniture
  • Custom made furniture can easily repaired on damaged (material used)
  • Custom made furniture is safe for long lasting.


Customized furniture has many advantages for the buyer such as cost, design, dimension etc. Because custom made furniture is easy to design in a decent cost and safe for long lasting.

Custom made furniture is a the best way to conduct with the features that you expect.You can use for several years as the quality and fabric can be excellent, for it being your choice of collection. It will yield a long lasting charm. More importantly, realize that properly built custom furniture will respect over time. Make sure you choose best decision.


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For more details, feel free to contact us :







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Saharanpur Handicrafts

Saharanpur Handicrafts

Saharanpur is famous for its Mughal Style Handicrafts and Furniture products since ages. Let us take a look at the few aspects of its rich heritage.


Located between the Ganges and the Yamuna, Saharanpur has a history which dates back from 2000 B.C. It was a part of the Indus Valley civilization later to be ruled by the Aryan Kings. Later, the Mughals took over in the 1300’s and it became the administrative hub and summer resort of the Mughal Empire. In the year 1803, the British took over from the Mughals later to be ousted after the Mutiny of 1857.

Saharanpur is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh with a rich heritage and culture. Founded by Shah Ranveer Singh, the city got its name after the Sufi Saint Shah Harun Chisti. The Saharanpur is a popular city known for the incredible range of wooden handicraft products. Saharanpur, now, has become the primary road and railway junction of Uttar Pradesh. Apart from being a considerable agricultural market, it is also famous in the world as one of the foremost manufacturer of wood products and handicrafts.

Wooden Handicrafts are a trademark to the rich culture and heritage that the city claims to possess. The handicrafts carry the designs and complexity of its rich heritage which were so universal during the Mughal rule that one can find the relics which resembles the designs that are commonly seen even in today’s era. The Wooden handicrafts famous in Saharanpur comprises of small products such as Kitchen tools and kids toys to Large Temples and Designer Furniture with beadwork and inlay work. Saharanpur Handicrafts are popular in the world and is exported to every part of the world.

Few of the most sought after products available in the Saharanpur Market are:

Handcrafted Wooden Temple:

Wooden Temple is a holy place to worship God. The Wooden temple can be crafted with different quality hardwood such as Teak wood, Sheesham Wood ( Indian Rosewood), and Mango wood. The design consists of three parts: Top consists of dome (Shikhra, Gopuram as it is called in Southern India); middle part is Garbgriha which is the main place where Idols are placed; and base consists of Legs on which the Whole Temple is supported. The supporting legs are in case of Floor Standing Unit and the Temple is without support in case wall unit. Then, the designs differ with peacock and elephant carvings, engraved pillars, and floral carvings, pull out and lid style drawers for pooja essentials. The overall structure is very simple and sometimes the whole Temple is made in Folding State, which can be easily dismantled piece by piece.

The Wooden Temples made in Saharanpur are a depiction of the large holy Temples built in India. The Wooden temples made in Saharanpur are carefully crafted keeping in mind the religious aspects of the Devotee as well as the grandeur it bring to any home or place kept.

Wooden Room Divider / Partition Screen:


Wooden Partition Screen, also known by many names such as room divider / privacy screen / room separator/ wall panel, are one of the most popular unit throughout the world because of their mobility and ease of placement.

Room Dividers comes in various designs and patterns carved out by skilled artisans in quality hardwood. Room Dividers are used for separating a common area or partitioning a studio apartment without using brick walls.  The most popularly used hardwood and materials for making room dividers are Sheesham (Indian Rosewood), Mango Wood and Fiber boards.

Room Dividers can either be used indoors for decor and partitioning purposes (Mango Wood and Fiber boards MDF are common in such case); or can be used outdoors in the garden area (Sheesham Wood is used commonly due to its water resistivity and durability).


Dining Sets:


Wooden Dining Sets made in Saharanpur are famous for their detailed engravings and   carving with inlay work. The units made in Saharanpur are usually in Sheesham or Teak Wood.

In case of minor carvings, Sheesham is usually preferred. But in case of more precise and elaborate carvings, Teak Wood is preferred over Sheesham Wood. Wooden Dining Table not only enhances decoration of living area but also let you feel amazing with the touch of royal creative patterns.

Dining Table is designed with the use of furnished and premium quality of woods with graceful touch of traditional patterns. Our dining room should reflect the joy, love and bond we share with our family and also with other people who visit us. These dining sets are durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures as well.

Service Trolleys:


A lot of people spend most of their time in the kitchen so it should be not be surprising to know that there are a number of wooden articles that are used to decorate this place as well. Service Trolley is one of them. It looks stylish and impressive. And if it comes with traditional designs, it does add to its heritage value.

Service trolley is one of the easiest and best ways to move food items, to and fro, to the dining area. Just place the delicious creations over it and you are all set to go as these come with wheels which can be moved with ease. Moreover, wooden trolley for kitchen adds functionality to the house.



Jewelry Boxes:


The trend of having a wooden jewelry box has been around for many generations. The primary venture of a jewelry box is to keep valuable accessories safe from exposure and damage and every woman does have a jewelry box that she can call her own. It’s a great place to store valuable earrings, delicate necklaces, bracelets and other items.

The Traditional jewelry boxes are handcrafted by expert artisans from Premium quality wood which is strong and durable. The jewelry boxes come in variety of designs like brass designs, inlay work, floral carving and much more.



Kitchen Items:


There are a number of small kitchen items handmade by skilled artisans of Saharanpur that are exported to all parts of the world.

These come in standard size as any kitchen tool you have at home. These look nice and most importantly are non-stick usable. These can also be a modest gift to your loved ones for all occasions.




Some traditions never get old, and that certainly holds true for a lot of artisans in Saharanpur handicrafts. High quality and traditional wooden items especially the furniture items not only impress your guest and relatives but also relating to your state of mind. Each piece selected reflects a part of rich cultural heritage of India. Saharanpur Handicrafts can never go out of style as these units are meant to last for ages to come.

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