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Teak Wooden Temple / Mandir in Peacock Design

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  • Made from  Teak Wood (Sagwan or Sagaun)
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen with premium quality finishing
  • Can be customized as per required size
  • Size:  18″X12″X30″ (L XBX H)in inches approx.
  • Shipping available across India and abroad (Standard or Expedited)
  • Handling time: 15 days

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Product Description

Aarsun Woods brings to you this handmade wooden temple / Mandir / Puja Ghar suitable for homes and offices. This adorable mandir is simply awesome in its appeal and certain to entice the spirit of the lord right into your home.

Made of solid sheeshamwood and stood on a base, supported by rounded feet, the pedestal is bordered by wooden filigree all around. The puja draw is located right on the top of this base and the top surface of this draw acts as the puja mandapa. The draw fitted with a comfortable knob is abutted with an etched floral design on either side along with sliding tray. Atop the draw at the entrance porch, two peacocks affronted on the opposite sides herald the deity in salutation. The structure has wooden jaali design from all sides and the image of the deity could be placed right in the center of the mandapa. The two robust pillars lovingly carved, raise the roof to hover it as an umbrella over the seat of the lord. From over the plane here, rises the central shikara which is ensconced within four miniature shikaras from all the corners. The perimeter is dotted with a garland design

Through the architecture of this wooden mandir we try to replicate the Hindu style of building home temples. 

The temple is made from premium quality Teak Wood except for the base where idols are to be placed and at the ceiling where dome is placed.

Material Details :

Teakwood is the deciduous tree which is used from the centuries for making wooden furniture’s. Teakwood has its own natural oil which helps it to be termite and pest free. Teakwood is one of the most durable woods even when it is not treated with oil or varnish. We always use the old timber in making our products because the timber from old trees is more durable and harder in comparison to plantation grown trees. Teakwood is mostly used in making outdoor furniture’s and boat decks. Over the time teakwood can change its colour into silvery grey finish when exposed into sunlight.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Teak wood has a very attractive looking straight grain pattern coupled with a rich golden-brown colour. In addition to this teak wood furniture also feels great to the touch, when compared with the newer engineered wood alternatives such as Particle boards, MDF and even plywood.

  • Very Strong

Teak wood is a hardwood obtained from broad leaved deciduous trees, and it is exceptionally strong, not only when compared to softwoods such as Mango wood or Pine wood, but also when compared with most of the other hardwood species of trees.

  • Very Durable

With proper care, teak wood furniture lasts for many long years (in many cases over 100 years). This is the reason why we still find antique teak pieces around. If you wish to buy furniture that will serve you, your children and then your grandchildren, then the best option is to go for teak wood furniture. Durability can be counted as one of most significant advantage that teak wood offers.

  • Natural Resistance to termites

Teak wood has a natural oil content that resists termites (white ants), fungal stains, and also repels other insects that can destroy wood. This termite and insect resisting quality in turn increases the life span of wood, and is the reason why teak wood is superior compared to many other wood species.

  • High Dimensional Stability

Properly seasoned teak wood furniture does not warp or shrink too much. It retains its dimensions and is a stable material. Seasoning of wood involves drying the timber logs obtained from trees, so as to reduce its moisture content. Well-dried wood is not easily affected by climate changes.

  • Good Resistance to Moisture

Another important advantage of teak wood is that it has a good resistance to moisture and water. Because of its moisture resistance, teak wood is well suited for making indoor furniture as well as high quality garden furniture.


  • Use a table cloth or any good quality cloth to wipe it clean.
  • To protect it from fading, avoid keeping the product near windows where it can be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Do not keep warm items directly on the furniture surface.

Additional Information

Dimensions 18 x 12 x 30 in
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