Wooden Hand Carved Rehal – Holy Books Stand Jaali Design 13 inch

Rs. 630.00

  • Wooden Rehal- Holy Books Stand with Jaali Design
  • Made from Premium Quality Sheesham Wood (Indian Rosewood)
  • Hand crafted by skilled artisans with premium finishing
  • Size: 13″ X 7″ approx
  • An elegant gift for all occasions.
  • Handling Time: Around 4 days

10 in stock (also available on backorder)

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Product Description

Wooden Rehal (Holy Books Stand) for Gita, Quran, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib handcrafted from Seasoned Sheesham Wood in Jaali Design with premium finish. Sheesham wood is the most popular Indian wood across the globe known for its durability, natural rich grains, and longevity. Sheesham wood has a beautiful irregular grain structure which is very distinctive in appearance and can be polished to a fine finish.

Product SKU:UH-RH-193B13


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