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Sheesham Wood Incense Cone Box

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Aarsun Woods presents to you Wooden Handcrafted Incense Holder. This beautifully crafted square wooden incense box is the perfect sized single cone incense burner. It makes for an interesting puja unit that enhance the look of your home and puja room. It’s a clean way to burn incense as the as is collected in an enclosure without creating mess .The base of the burner is square and has a hinged pyramid shaped top. The burner have small holes that allow the cones smoke to slowly dance out of the holder and emit its fragrance. Inside the box is a round metal holder made to fit incense cones.

Material Detail:-

Sheesham or Shisham has become famous internationally as a premier timber species of rosewood. It is commonly used for making furniture. This is mainly due to fact that the wood is highly durable and long lasting. It is in fact decay resistant. The Sheesham wood is extremely durable and is very resistant to dry- wood termites.


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